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In the modern trend of workplace categorization,categorizing employees based on their work types by color is often used. There are different types of collar worker types out of which the most popular ones are white collar and bluecollar. While, there are others as well which are gray collar and black collar but are less known. 99networks will clearly describe about all, let’s check

Blue Collar Meaning

Bluecollar worker means any employee whose role includes manual labor and the payment type is by hour or per day considered Bluecollar workers. Contrast with white collar, where a worker that someone who works in an office setting and paid by his annual salary.

Though Bluecollar jobs categorized in such a way, it does not mean these jobs are any less lucrative or not worthwhile in monetary value as well. These roles most of the time include workers doing manual labor in different sectors. Such as agriculture, mining, plumbing, construction, manufacturing and more as well.

One interesting aspect to understand is that Bluecollar workers can either skilled or unskilled in their profession. But can easily learn the art of trade. New jobs and professions are adding to the Bluecollar worker type such as Barista, Food delivery and more.

Blue Collar
Blue Collar

Examples of Blue Collar Jobs

  • Plumber
  • Barista
  • Car Driver

What does it mean to call someone a blue-collar?

A blue-collar worker is someone whose work includes working long manual labor hours. This paid on a per hour or per day basis.

What is blue collar vs white collar?

Blue collar workers paid on hours or day basis and need to work manual labor for long hours. While, white collar workers are those who paid on an annual salary basis. Work in an office settings based location.

Where did Blue collar come from?

The term Blue collar is from 1920 where the workers who did manual labor work. Wear blue colored clothes to hide their work related dirt.

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