Strikethrough Google Docs Text with Short Key or Format

Now you will easily know about the two methods for Strikethrough text in Google Docs using strikethrough shortcut and format settings allowed in application or web…

If you are someone who doesn’t want to use Microsoft and offline document tools, because it won’t let you sync your content and ideas readily, and then it is really time for you to switch to Google Docs new technology which is the same as any other document tool but better because you can use it from online.

There are apps-based versions for this as well but more importantly, this is free to use so you just need to create a Google account then either open your mobile browser or desktop browser or even the app version to get started with writing the content that you like.

Strikethrough Google Docs
Strikethrough Google Docs

There are hundreds of different features why Docs is preferred and today we are going to show you one of the basic features that any document platform has to offer which is none other than the Strikethrough option or put a line through google document.

Yes, Google Docs has a Strikethrough feature which can be utilized in your docs in a different manner in order to ascertain some tasks that you have finished or either to redline some notes or goals that you have to be highlighted.

Well, the reason for you to Strikethrough any notes or the lines written on the docs can be preferred as per your wish but in this article, we will show you how to use Strikethrough on Docs.

Apply Strikethrough on Google Docs

Follow the simple steps below in order to understand how to use the Strikethrough feature on Docs.

Strikethrough Shortcut

It is easier to use the shortcut version by following the below shortcut code

  • Select or highlight text that you want to Strikethrough
    • Windows: Press Alt + Shift + Number 5
    • MAC: Press ⌘ + Shift + X
  • The given buttons at once and then Strikethrough will be applied

Strikethrough from Format Settings

Google Docs has many features and format settings is the ultimate tools section that allows you to beautify your content as per your needs. Follow the instructions below to learn how to use the format settings option to apply Strikethrough on Google Docs.

  1. Select the text that you would like to Strikethrough
  2. After that Go to Format from the top menu section
  3. Then click on Text and under the sub-menu click on Strikethrough option
  4. Now you have applied the Strikethrough from the format settings option directly.
strikethrough docs format
Strikethrough Docs Format
  1. How do I undo & remove Strikethrough on Google Docs

    In order to undo or remove the Strikethrough on Docs from any version or OS, you simply have to follow the process in reverse, i.e. Select the Strikethrough text and then apply the same Strikethrough shortcut or format settings to remove it.

  2. How do I apply Strikethrough on Google Docs Android or iOS?

    In case you are using the Google Docs app based version on Android or else on iOS platform, then you have to follow the below
    Select the text > click on Format > Text > Apply Strikethrough from the settings top menu easily.