Jio Cloud Login to Access Data and Transfer Data Online

The JioCloud is one of their streams of Reliance Industries, which has been brought to provide free cloud storage to customers to have their documents, photos, papers, and others to save on cloud.

Through the Jio Cloud, one can sync, store and share the data from their cloud account to anyone or as well access it without actually using any hardware devices.

Customers who have a Jio account will not need to get a new account created for the Jio Cloud, instead they can use the same credentials to access the JioCloud page. Reliance Industry is one of the dominant and widely spread limited companies that has its wings in business sectors.

Jio Cloud
Jio Cloud

What is Jio Cloud

Jio Cloud is a cloud storage which does provide storage services for free when a user does Sign Up. There are various ways of communication which can be made to your Jio Cloud from your computer, mobile devices and web browsers from anywhere. A customer will be eligible to get the Jio Cloud by creating an exclusive Jio Cloud account which will be associated with their existing Jio account. 

Jio Cloud Login

Users have to access the Jio Cloud form the MyJio official website where they can also install the Jio Cloud Application in their mobile devices to access. Below are the steps which one can follow to get access to the Jio Cloud.

  1. Firstly get the Jio Cloud Application installed from Google Play Store or App Store
  2. Else you can try to visit the official website to access online
  3. Provide your Jio User ID and its associated Password to login to page
  4. Once the Jio Cloud login is successfully
  5. Cloud Sync can be enabled

Is using the Jio Cloud free

The JioCloud account is free for the users who can upload their photos and documents from any device. The cloud storage will be enabled once a user creates a JioCloud and starts to sync their data into it.  If any extra space is required, then the user can use the premium option available from the settings page.

Is Jio Cloud secure

Jio Cloud stands on a double layers security cloud platform which keeps the users data protected and secured. Data is always in encrypted format when it is uploaded in the Jio Cloud storage and then it gives no option for any other person to access.

What is free Memory provided by Jio Cloud

The JioCloud initially provides a free memory of 5 GB to every user when they login for the first time. Each user can access these free spaces from anywhere using the Jio Cloud credentials. This is however dependent on the user’s convenience to increase it through using paid options.

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