How to Switch WordPress Default Theme by Admin / Manually

Switch WordPress Default Theme

WordPress is a customizable platform that allows users to build the website of their choice. To help the new user the WordPress default theme which is enough for a basic development of the website. Users can access the theme and different options of plugins to apply to their website. In any case if the WordPress

Error Establishing a Database Connection – Fix WordPress Error in 4

Database Connection

Fix now error establishing a database connection on CMS tool WordPress with simplified steps using 4 methods. Resolve WordPress database errors for load board configuration… Are you a web developer or a webmaster who likes to create websites with different CMS tools like WordPress and there are times when you might come across an error

How to Fix WP Site URL Error for Http or Https 

Fix WP Site URL Error

Running the WordPress Site on Https is secure and also brings trust by increasing the search engine factor. Https for a website is all about bringing accurate data on search results making your content value. There are many changes that have to be done when you’re moving your website URL from Http to Https.  The

How to Deactivate Plugins on WordPress Websites (4 Ways)

Deactivate Plugins on Wordpress

Simple ways identified to deactivate plugins on WordPress Website. Check each process and have the steps to do if your known process is not working to deativate wordpress plugin… Plugins are some important tools that are used in Website building, as there are many changes that we can directly do in the theme and thus

How to Research WordPress Error to Fix on Priority

Research WordPress Error

Master the art of troubleshooting WordPress errors with ease, both before and after installing themes. Discover how to fix missing elements and confidently resolve any WordPress research errors that come your way. Every website does have a Search bar that allows the visitor to search for the available content quickly and easily. WordPress  search only

WordPress Backup with Plugin, Bluehost or Manually

Wordpress Backup

WordPress Backup is an important criterion that has to be overlooked as a priority to save the work done. Having a proper backup saves all your work and ensures you have everything secured during critical conditions. In any circumstance if your website crashes or has gone into some error, the backup saved recently can help

How to Clear WordPress Cache with Hosting, Plugin, Browser

Clear WordPress Cache

WordPress Cache Cache in a website or a browser does always affect your live performance. Any cache that is saved when you visit a website from your browser will affect your performance or become a blocker in future searches. In a similar manner, the WordPress cache also saves the data and Meta information of your