WordPress Reading Settings Enable or Disable & What to do if Missing

If you are a WordPress user, then you might have seen different settings in it and importantly WordPress Reading settings might have come up. But if you are just new to WordPress and want to learn more about how settings work, then you need to find out where to check reading settings first as it

How to Discourage Search Engines Indexing of Website

Building a website is a big task and sometimes you want to make it private to yourself and the customers or the users on the form right? If that is you then you might be looking to enable discourage search engines indexing option in your search txt records. In simple terms, you can always enable

WordPress Permalink Structure Reset and Activation

WordPress Permalink is URLs which are permanent for your pages and posts, through which one can reach from their browser. Any error in these WordPress Permalink does bring Error 404 instead of showing the content on page. This issue is very commonly seen when the URL does get corrupted or the way these have been

How to Clear WordPress Cache with Hosting, Plugin, Browser

WordPress Cache Cache in a website or a browser does always affect your live performance. Any cache that is saved when you visit a website from your browser will affect your performance or become a blocker in future searches. In a similar manner, the WordPress cache also saves the data and Meta information of your

How to Deactivate Plugins on WordPress Websites (4 Ways)

Simple ways identified to deactivate plugins on WordPress Website. Check each process and have the steps to do if your known process is not working to deativate wordpress plugin… Plugins are some important tools that are used in Website building, as there are many changes that we can directly do in the theme and thus

WordPress Backup with Plugin, Bluehost or Manually

WordPress Backup is an important criterion that has to be overlooked as a priority to save the work done. Having a proper backup saves all your work and ensures you have everything secured during critical conditions. In any circumstance if your website crashes or has gone into some error, the backup saved recently can help

How to Fix WP Site URL Error for Http or Https 

Running the WordPress Site on Https is secure and also brings trust by increasing the search engine factor. Https for a website is all about bringing accurate data on search results making your content value. There are many changes that have to be done when you’re moving your website URL from Http to Https.  The

Error Establishing a Database Connection – Fix WordPress Error in 4

Fix now error establishing a database connection on CMS tool WordPress with simplified steps using 4 methods. Resolve WordPress database errors for load board configuration… Are you a web developer or a webmaster who likes to create websites with different CMS tools like WordPress and there are times when you might come across an error

How to Add Custom WordPress Login Form with Own Branding

Are you trying to rebrand your website and want to start from the team branding itself? Well, then it’s a right choice to add custom wordpress login form with your own branding and logos. Moreover, if you are running a forum or B2C or B2B website with customer access and login pages enabled, then you

WordPress URL Login Shortcut in Bluehost Web Hosting

WordPress URL Login Shortcut in Bluehost web hosting now identified with simple steps. Generate the login to avoid maximum time for login… Do you own a lot of websites and host them on Bluehost web hosting? If yes, then you would need not worry about how to login to WordPress again with shortcut. The reason?