What does Archive Mean and Find its Possibility

So important to know about what does Archive mean? and that been using in different applications now a days with detailed information and how it helps… In regular, It is one such option that can be seen in almost every application and tool that we use. There are multiple meanings of the word Archive and

Windows Defender Advanced Threat Protection Download and Install

Are you a Windows OS user, then you might have heard about the Windows Defender Advanced Threat Protection, which may nothing other than a Microsoft security product designed to detect and find security threats for enterprise class organizations. So, if you are seeing this notification for the first time, then it’s time to learn more

Slack Status to Set Manually or for Automatic Status

Slack Status brings you various options to set as out of office, away at lunch, in a meeting and many other options. Slack is now one of the most used communication mediums on professional platforms. As more and more people join the Slack channel, the need to stay active all the time has been necessary

What is TTL in DNS & Best TTL Value for DNS

Get detailed on TTL and also in particular for TTL in DNS record. Just check TTL in DNS stand for and meaning, Shorter TTL example followed by best value for DNS settings… If you are a webmaster or ad ops specialist then you might have set up a lot of DNS records for websites you

How to Fix Firestick Remote Not Working

Home entertainment has been transformed by the Amazon Firestick, which puts a huge selection of streaming services and content at your fingers. Like any electrical gadget, there may, however, occasionally be glitches. An annoying problem that Firestick users could run into is a broken or unresponsive remote. When you’re in the mood for a movie

Amazon Prime Watch History Guide for View and Delete Modes

The benefits and convenience of Amazon Prime, a subscription service that offers rapid deliveries, exclusive discounts, and access to a vast library of streaming entertainment, have been welcomed by many of us. However, every encounter we have on the platform leaves a digital trail that includes information about our browsing and purchasing habits. We may

Delete My Activity to Remove My Activity History Automatically

Through the Google Account settings, users may see and control their Google Activity, and it’s important to note that you can use automatic data deletion settings for your Google my activity to routinely delete my activity information after a predetermined amount of time. How to Delete My Activity You can take the following actions to

How to Recover Unsaved Word Document or Deleted / Crashed File

Identify the new options to recover word document for unsaved or crashed/deleted file, find the step by step MS word document recovery program available, and check where does word save auto recover files for ready reference… Recover Word Document If you have lost your content that you’re typing in Word Document, then need not to

How to Find IP Address of Website on Android , Windows & MAC

IP address is an important source of connection, so do you know how to find IP address of website which is being searched through its name can also be searched using its IP from URL address on your Windows, Mac, iPhone or Android devices, where in professional use, most do use IP addresses to access

How to Find IP Address of Printer on Windows, MAC & WiFi Router

Just check about how to find IP address of printer on various devices like Windows, MAC, Command Prompt and WiFi Router. Finding a Printer IP address is easy if you are best aware of system configuration and network settings… There are multiple ways through which one can know their respective IP address of Printer which