How to Delete Multiple Contacts on an iPhone

Delete Multiple Contacts

How to delete multiple contacts on a iPhone from various methods. This article covers delete contacts from iPhone through contact list, iCloud and accessibility, Groups App… iPhone is an interesting device which does have multiple options which are far easier to operate if you know them better. The iOS device phone does have an easy

iPhone Reset, How to Factory Reset iPhone

iPhone Reset

Apple iPhone will allow you to do factory reset of all the settings and configurations. The article gives the process of how to reset iPhone and force restart the phone will lead to reset all settings.. How to reset iPhone iPhone has got an option to reset its network settings or entire device settings. Thus

iPhone Speaker Not Working, How to Fix it

iPhone Speaker Not Working

Speaker not working on Apple iPhone? Fix my iPhone speaker and follow various methods to solve the iPhone speaker issue.. It can become quite scary when you find out that your iPhone speaker is not working. In this world full of hustle where work may complete on the calls this can be an issue to

How to Reset Apple TV without Remote Function

Reset Apple TV

Is your Apple TV stops working, confusing to get reset it. Just check the complete process to reset your Apple TV without remote and also know reset prerequisites… Restart Apple TV Apple has made huge changes to its Entertainment division with the release of Apple TV at cheap rates allowing customers to make it their

How to Copy and Paste on a Mac using different methods

how to copy paste mac

You can move, copy and paste the files, documents and required images on a mac device with simple tips, find the complete guide about how to copy and paste on a MAC… The Copy and Paste is a flexible option that is being introduced to get the object, text, images, files, Apps or documents to

Create Sticky Notes for Mac & Use Sticky Notes Efficiently


Presenting about what is sticky notes for mac, and how to put sticky notes on desktop for mac and how to save sticky notes at each required session… What is Sticky Notes Sticky Notes are saved in your Mac Device with a name referred as Stickies Database and this can be found in path /Library/

How to Scan a Document on Mac using Different Scanners

how to scan on mac

Let’s do find about how to scan a document on MAC device and to convert into a pdf file to send for email, Check the different procedures to scan on flat bed and document feeding scanners, and how to connect a scanner to MAC… Scanning a document does require a scanner device connected to your

How to Unlock iPhone Hidden Life Saving Emergency Feature

Unlock iPhone Hidden Life Saving Emergency

When you make a call using SOS [sophisticated Operating System], your iPhone automatically dials the local emergency number and notifies emergency services of your location. Your emergency contacts will receive updates when your location changes for a while after you enter SOS mode, and your iPhone will send your current position. They provide speedy communication,

SOS Only iPhone, How to Fix SOS Only on an iPhone


Let’s have brief details about SOS on iPhone and check the simple steps and procedures to fix the issue of SOS only on an iPhone. The iPhone specialized with the best features and each feature creates a great innovation of makers and it is satisfying the users of iOS devices. The iPhone introduced the SOS