Change Name of iPhone Instantly whenever Required

change name of iphone

No worry about how to change iPhone name, Here is the simple steps identified to Change name of iPhone. Also check, whether it is visible or not… iPhone known for its perfectness and security which customers prefer when compare to other competitive devices. The iOS based device always brings unique ways of communication and also

How to Turn Off iPhone 13

Turn Off iPhone 13

Are you trying to find out the ways about how to turn off iPhone 13, then you’re at the correct place. We provide multiple options which can be used to Switch Off the iPhone which can be through a combination of Buttons and as well through the Menu options. Depending on your iPhone device which you

Transfer Files from MAC to Android with 3 Options

transfer files

If you own a Mac and also an Android device, then sometimes you might want to transfer files from Mac to Android or vice versa as well. Whether it’s photos, documents, or music, it can be frustrating trying to figure out the best method to move the files from one device to another. In this

Apple ID Login Help for How to Fix Apple ID Login Failed Error

Apple ID Login

A user account known as an Apple ID login gives users access to a number of Apple services, including iCloud, the App Store, the iTunes Store, Apple Music, and more. In addition to allowing users to manage their devices, make purchases, sync data, and access different Apple features and services across numerous devices, it also

How to Make iPhone Louder – 5 Ways to Make Sound

make iphone louder

Having your iPhone louder when you’re listening to music openly will actually bring more energy to your entertainment. In most cases, the environmental noises around your device will actually make you hear a lesser voice. Even the iPhone speaker has got a good bass sound which is more than enough when you have turned it

Apple TV Remote App Setup on iPhone or iPad

Apple TV Remote App

Lost your Apple TV remote, then just check to setup Apple TV remote app on iPhone, adding remote to control center followed by connecting your Apple TV remote to iOS devices… Apple TV is great to use and I am sure you would love to watch it all day long. Because I sure do love

Rotate Screen iPhone with Control Center or Home Button

Rotate Screen iPhone

Rotate Screen iPhone does have an auto rotate option for the screen, as alike all mobile devices do have. The auto rotate is much required when you’re watching any movie or streaming video from different applications. As well while accessing messages from various messaging platforms, this may require to have iPhone rotate screen to turn

Phone goes Straight to Voicemail – 6 Possible Issues to Fix

Phone goes Straight to Voicemail

Phone goes Straight to Voicemail | Find why iPhone Calls going straight to voicemail. Check and Fix the issue using the 6 possible ways available for iPhone aor Android user… Voicemail is a service which is available in every Android or iOS device for diverting the calls. There are certain conditions when users have accidentally

How to Rotate a Video on iPhone – Simple Technique Explained

Rotate a Video

iPhone users must know the simple technique about how to rotate a video on iPhone for different modes. Just check the method and have a possibility if rotate screen iPhone option not worked… Watching a video on an iPhone is quite stunning but if you are not able to watch it in your selected screen

How to Split Screen on Mac as per Apple New Support

Split Screen on Mac

If you have a Mac device then heads up because we are going to discuss how to split the screen on it today. Apple is well known for being one of the sleek design initiatives and bringing custom feel to all their devices, and MAC device is one of the most classiest products from Apple.