How to Use Jio Mobile Net on International Flight Travel

Reliance Jio seen to bring amazing offers for their customers and enhance a greater network in every possible position, and the new postpaid plan from Reliance Jio is introduced for Traveling, customers who are traveling can get this plan activated on their number.

The Reliance Jio has made a collaboration with Aero Mobile and can also be availed for air travelers who are moving to different countries. The new features of calling in a fight do get enabled, by using your mobile data for voice calls, and there are different plans with different ranges, which accept your voice calls without intrusion.

Jio Mobile Net on International Flight
Jio Mobile Net on International Flight

Reliance Jio Plans for Flight Travel

Reliance Jio does bring an amazing plan which must be used as per the regulation of airplane authority. These are plans which get used when you’re trailing in an airplane and do allow you to easily switch from the mobile network to mobile data for voice calls, and it is to be membered that the plans activated with this travel plan will not be used why the device is off the flight.

The new plans of Reliance Jio are with Rs 499, Rs 699 and Rs 999 which are available to every handset that does support basic internet facilities. The mobile data which come with this plan is 250 MB, 500 MB and 1 GB respectively as per the pan activated, and there is a limitation of calling through this plan under air for 24 hours for over 100 minutes and with an SMS facility of SMS of 100 per day.

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How Can Reliance Jio Traveling Plans be Used

The Reliance Jio Traveling plan can be activated when you’re in AIR for 24 hours and the customer needs to follow some basic steps to activate the same, and they need to follow these steps, and only then will you be able to access the free voice calls from air travel.

These travel plans are open for every individual who is boarding a flight and one should get their IFC pack selected, and the mobile device must be moved to flight mode while taking off and once the flight has reached an altitude of 20,000 feet the flight mode must be disabled to connect to the network. The network will be connected automatically, and you can start calling anyone using the IFC data facility.

There is an official WhatsApp group from Reliance Jio which can be joined to get the latest updates for using this travel plan. As well, select the Aero Mobile option from the network provider from the network settings. The company will send an identification number to your number and click on to activate the same.

Once the confirmation has been received in return, then you will be able to use the social media and other phone calls, and the mobile flight mode must be turned Off when your flight is ready to land, this is from norms of flight as the bandwidth change for devices will be harmful and this must be seriously considered.

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Is it safe to use Reliance Jio Travel Plan in Airplane?

Yes, Reliance Jio has agreed to provide a WiFi mobile data facility which allows you to get voice calls and SMS facility, and the features do activate, once you have reached a level of higher during flight and then need to turn off the airplane mode to start the service.

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Can we use any mobile to use Reliance Jio Travel Plan?

As per the guidelines of the Air Safety, there are few restricted mobile devices that emit excess traditions and that cannot be turned on to use this Reliance Jio Travel Plan, and thus, only devices which are free to use at Air Plan must be used to avail this plan, and customers can contact Reliance Jio Customer services to find the device and its details to be used for travel plans.

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What is the Period of Reliance Jio Travel Plan?

The Reliance Jio Plan is just formatted for only 24 hours and thus individuals need to get the IFVC activated just before they board the flight. The travel plan will be limited for this time and will only give you limited mobile data that needs to be used as required.