How to Turn Off iPhone 13


Are you trying to find out the ways about how to turn off iPhone 13, then you’re at the correct place. We provide multiple options which can be used to Switch Off the iPhone which can be through a combination of Buttons and as well through the Menu options.

Depending on your iPhone device which you are using, the options have to be chosen. Typically just holding the power button for a longer time and then sliding it to the right does Power Off the iPhone.

In the latest version of iOS there are hardware buttons on your iPhone, which helps you Switch Off iPhone in a quick time.

Turn Off iPhone 13
Turn Off iPhone 13

How to Turn Off iPhone 13

There are multiple ways through which one can quickly Switch Off their iPhone, which is also obviously based on the Type of your iPhone. Apple Has changed the iPhone home button and volume button option as with the upgrades, the similar way of combination to be used to Power Off.

How to Turn iPhone 13 Off with Volume & Power

  • Press and Hold the Volume Button until the Power Option is displayed on screen.
  • Now hold the slider and move it to the right side of the screen.
  • Holding for a shorter time will get you a screenshot rather than moving you to the power off option. 
  • These will take up to 30 seconds to close all Apps from behind and get the iPhone Switch Off.

Switch Off iPhone 13 with Right Side Button

  • Press and Hold Right Side Button, which is at the top of the phone at top edge.
  • Once these options are used, the slider will be displayed on screen and you have to slide the slider to power off.

Switch Off iPhone with Top Button

  • Press and Hold Top Button which is mostly seen in older versions of the iPhone.
  • These buttons will bring you to the slider screen where you have to opt to slide right to switch off.
  • Button has to be lonely processed, else the power off slider will not be displayed.

How to Turn iPhone 13 Off with Setting Option

  • Go to the Setting Option from the Menu to find the General.
  • Here you can scroll down and then choose the Option of Shutdown.
  • These buttons will get your device to shut down within 30 seconds after closing the Apps in the background.

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