How to Switch WordPress Default Theme by Admin / Manually

WordPress is a customizable platform that allows users to build the website of their choice. To help the new user the WordPress default theme which is enough for a basic development of the website. Users can access the theme and different options of plugins to apply to their website.

In any case if the WordPress changes that are applied are not perfect and do not bring affected changes, then there are options which can be used to get the default theme back. WordPress users can anytime revert to the original theme with one single click and remove all the new changes that made.

Switch WordPress Default Theme
Switch WordPress Default Theme

WordPress Default Theme

Word Press do have its own theme which will provide to every user when they first start using WP. These themes may equipped with all new features and give you an open platform to add different plugins and other contents. When you login for the first time, you will view the WordPress default theme which includes the following features below.

  1. Custom elements and logos with title header or button
  2. Navigation menus for the footer and header
  3. Added with gradient for styling your blocks
  4. Customer cover block option to separate your sections in every posts
  5. Including Galleries, Links, quotes and chats option for multiple posts
  6. Built in block with predefined block layouts used to build page quickly

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How to Change WordPress Default theme through Administration

To get the WordPress Default theme back, you can use the administration credentials to make it quick and applied. In this process you have firstly get your WordPress credentials and login with them to view the page. Follow the below guide steps to get the Word Press Default Theme through the Admin dashboard.

  1. Open the WordPress Homepage with your credentials
  2. Now click on Appearance and then move to Themes option
  3. Here you can chose the theme and click on Activate option
  4. Once activated, the selected theme will be applied to WordPress

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How to Change WordPress Default Theme manually

WordPress default theme can be set manually by quickly following a few defined steps. These will help you to get the default theme and would not require access to the WordPress page to make any changes.

  1. Firstly login to cPanel using your hosting credentials
  2. Now moe to Database Section and then click on phpMyAdmin
  3. Here find wp_option form the list of tables provided
  4. Under it find Template and Style Sheet, then click on Edit button
  5. Here in the Option Value box, where you need to rename the theme name
  6. Once done, click on save change under phpMyAdmin to make the changes

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