Right Click on Chromebook with just One Tap

While on continuous work, the right click on Chromebook is also a tricky option which is similar to other functions. This is also to remember that there is an option to plug a USB mouse into Chromebook, which makes it easy to work while working.

Chromebook kindly referred to as a Laptop that has few similarities but actually brings a lot of differences in performance and functions. Chromebook doesn’t have two buttons as we see in Laptops which are just above the cursor box. This makes it confusing while using the Chromebook for the very first time.

The Chromebook all have tapped to click features which may enable to get the rightclick functioning. This brings you an option to just one tap on the track pad and will act as a normal click.

right click on chromebook
right click on chromebook

How to Right Click on Chromebook

  1. Tap two fingers on trackpad to initiate the gestures functions
  2. Now start using the Right Click option with just one tap
  3. As well other gestures will start operating with this double tap
  4. Chromebook brings you one more option to use to activate the Right Click on touchpad
  5. Just one tap on the touchpad and pressing ALT button form keypad, this combination will open the right click context menu and make it working.

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How do I enable right click on chromebook?

The primary is to make use of your touchpad, to enable the right click by going to the gesture settings under touchpad and enabling it.

My right click on chromebook not working?

One reason why right clicking on the chromebook touchpad is not working, because this may disbaled, which you can turn off by enabling.

How to disable right click on chromebook?

The reason you would need to disable the right click on chromebook by going to the Touchpad settings and enable and disable. Is to make your touchpad work again by disabling and enabling it again.