How to Reset Apple TV without Remote Function

Is your Apple TV stops working, confusing to get reset it. Just check the complete process to reset your Apple TV without remote and also know reset prerequisites…

Restart Apple TV

Apple has made huge changes to its Entertainment division with the release of Apple TV at cheap rates allowing customers to make it their prime streaming device. If you already own an Apple TV then it’s great because you get to watch high-quality and Ultra HD shows movies and much more on your device. But, what if sometimes your Apple TV stops working and it requires a reset?

If that issue comes up, then you can easily reset your Apple TV without the Apple TV remote by going to settings and then clicking on Reset Apple TV using the remote. But what if you do not have the remote or lose it?

Well, even in that case you need not worry because we have a simple guide that will help you reset your Apple TV without a remote. So, check this guide below to get your Apple TV working again. Also, start watching your favorite shows and movies all along.

Reset Apple TV
Reset Apple TV

How to Reset Apple TV Without Remote

Tired of your Apple TV turning a blank screen or getting stuck while watching something? Then you can follow the instructions below that will help reset your Apple TV without a remote.

Apple TV Reset Prerequisites

  • But before you proceed further, you will need to have either a computer or MAC desktop. Particularly with iTunes latest version installed on it.
  • Also, a set of USB-C cables will help you connect your Apple TV to your computer or MAC desktop.

Apple TV Reset Step by Step Guide

Follow the simple guide given below to reset your Apple TV.

  1. Disconnect and remove all cables i.e, power cable and HDMI cable from your Apple TV
  2. Connect your Apple TV to your computer or MAC desktop with USB-C port
  3. Launch iTunes on your connected device and on the summary page you should see iTunes Icon showing
  4. Click on Restore Apple TV
  5. This will take some time to complete the process

Once reset, you will see a popup notification on iTunes that your Apple TV has successfully reset.

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Note: While the Apple TV reset, do not disconnect. In case of power outage ensure to start the process from start.

How to reset the Apple TV remote?

In case if your Apple TV remote does not work, then you do not need to reset it. But charge it or else change the power batteries.

How do I reset an unresponsive apple tv?

If there are no issues with the TV. Then disconnect the Apple TV from the power and wait for 5 seconds to turn it on again.

Can you reset Apple TV without a remote?

Yes, you can reset your Apple TV without a remote by connecting the TV to your computer or MAC with iTunes connected on it.

Why is Apple TV not working?

In most of the cases, your Apple TV might be stuck due to over running. This requires power on and off for sometime. But in case if it still does not work, then you might need to reset it.