How to Research WordPress Error to Fix on Priority


Master the art of troubleshooting WordPress errors with ease, both before and after installing themes. Discover how to fix missing elements and confidently resolve any WordPress research errors that come your way.

Every website does have a Search bar that allows the visitor to search for the available content quickly and easily. WordPress  search only brings selected content such as posts, products and pages but they don’t bring up the search for comments, likes or reviews on products. In a very common way these search bars do also hand up suddenly bringing your workflow to a halt.

Search bars are very basic and important for every website and these will allow visitors to quickly do their work rather than staying for a longer time.  Having a bad search option does bring down the brand reputation and here we bring you some basic steps to research WordPress errors.

Research WordPress Error
Research WordPress Error

Research WordPress Error

We have listed a few common search errors that seen with respect to WordPress. Let us go through each of them individually and try to find how the issue fixed.

WordPress Search Box is missing

In WordPress, this is one of the common issues which faced by the majority of the individuals. The visitors left with no search bar in WordPress page, which makes them question about how to find their content quickly. The issue of missing search bars in WordPress can be due to the following reasons.

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Theme format

There are WordPress themes which don’t actually get the search bar default adds to the page. Thus the individual has to look for add ons and get WordPress search bar to add to it.

Plug-in Compatibility

This may issued again with the plug-in which you have chosen for the search bar. The compatibility issue with the theme and plug-in does also remove the search bar from the WordPress page. Thus choosing a compatible plug-in for the theme is also necessary to build the page perfectly.

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WordPress Search Box doesn’t show Results

There are certain situations when WordPress doesn’t give proper results on a page and miss the relevant results. These issues of results can be due to the following reasons.

WordPress Search Power

The WordPress functionality doesn’t have a proper index to search deep in the content and bring you the relevant results. The search power of the WordPress doesn’t actually work as per requirement and does require an excess plug-in to add to support.

WordPress Theme Redundant Search

In certain options, the theme chosen for your WordPress does have its own search file which revolves around its own results. Thus the site does only search results from the theme perspective but not from WordPress.

WordPress Search is Slow

If you have been using WordPress for a long time, then you might experience the slowness in the WordPress search. These will be worse when you handle a large website with thousands of content and pages involved. Thus there some dedicated engine software available for WordPress which may installed to support the search for large websites.

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WordPress Search 404 Errors

The WordPress 404 error , page not found error is a very common issue that means that the page search for isn’t available. The page details used to search might have some missing information or no proper link generated still.

WordPress Theme Search.php

In certain conditions, when the theme doesn’t have a search.php file to support the WordPress search bar. The content that being search not redirected and that will throw an error as Page not found

WordPress Permalink Error

The permalink in WordPress used to redirect to a particular page and thus that might messed up sometime. Thus the website doesn’t have such a link which you’re trying to search for and that will obviously throw an error of 404.


How to Fix Research WordPress Error

Research WordPress Error is mostly due to the platform or theme default setting, which bring different errors. These issues of the WordPress search box fixed by adding the Search plug-in to the theme. There are various Searches plug-in of which Search one of the most widely used WordPress plug-in.  These plug-in do increase the performance by quick search results and bring any words that are related to research content.

As well the visitor has to make their search specific, as the search box does show results in relation to one word which might not be the same but have the same meaning. Thus customizing the search option to limited and to check the power results will surely end up the issue with Research WordPress Error.

How do I check my WordPress site for errors?

You can view your site as a user to understand what errors it has and while logged in as Admin in WordPress you can troubleshoot them.

How do I fix WordPress errors?

Most of the common errors which are 404 or slow loading can be easily fixed with installing plugins which resolve these errors.

Why am I getting a WordPress error?

Some common errors that users face on WordPress are website not loading, 404 or search box missing which can be resolved through WordPress Admin panel troubleshooting of either plugins, themes or sever.

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