Exotel Connection – Apply Online or with Voice Call

Exotel brings various services from Calling to Broadband to their subscriber with unlimited data offering. There is a dedicated team which is available to support the customer round the clock from Exotel, and ensure to have seamless connectivity.

New connections booked from the online official website of Exotel or through contacting them through their service number. Exotel offers an exclusive officer of 1moth free or free trial for the new users, to experience their connection.

There are multiple services which may selected from a similar number and once a new connection booked, an executive assigned to place the set up with 48 hours of connectivity.

Exotel Connection
Exotel Connection

Exotel Connection through Call

Customers can utilize the calling option to make a quick booking for Exotel connection with having your details handy.

  • Dial 8088919888 form your number to Exotel Service
  • Once executive connected, ask them for new connection
  • Provide the details and communication address for setup
  • Note the reference ID for your reference and to track the connection

Exotel connection through Chat

New subscribers to Exotel broadband can use the chat feature form their official website to initiate the Exotel Connection. Here is the process which you can follow and book your Exotel connection instantly.

  1. Go to the official website of Exotel from exotel.com
  2. Now click ‘Help’ Chat windows to popup in your window screen
  3. Select first option as ‘How fast can I set up my account’
  4. Now click on Book Demo and provide the required information
  5. A reference ID may create and your new connection initiated

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