How to Deactivate Plugins on WordPress Websites (4 Ways)


Simple ways identified to deactivate plugins on WordPress Website. Check each process and have the steps to do if your known process is not working to deativate wordpress plugin…

Plugins are some important tools that are used in Website building, as there are many changes that we can directly do in the theme and thus the Plugin does come over. The search bar optimization, Theme editing, lookup tables, comment box and there are more such options that can add by using a few plugins. These plugins will be readily available in every hosting website.

Thus if you want to start from a new place for your website, then it is actually required to remove or delete these plugins. The new changes made effect can’t be visible fully if any older Plugin is dominating it. In this article, we will let you the process to deactivate the plugins individually or as a whole as preferred.

Deactivate Plugins on WordPress
Deactivate Plugins on WordPress

Deactivate WordPress Plugins in Website Singly

There are multiple ways which you can opt and get to disable Plugin form the website. To do specifically on a single page, there are some software’s that are to be installed.  Else you can individually go to each Plugin from the list and then deactivate Plugin on the website.

  1. Launch the WordPress website or the one which you use for your website
  2. Then move to Plugins form the list of option or search in Search bar to list
  3. Here you can view all linked plugins to your website with their details
  4. Now click on each Plugin and tap on to deactivate them in sequel order
  5. The effect on website will be done once your refresh the page completely

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Deactivate Plugins in Website All at a Time

Do you want to completely change your website looks and restart your work by removing all added plugins. Then you can follow the below method to completely deactivate Plugin on the website in all.

  1. Go to the website hosting tool or WordPress if you use it for launching
  2. Here you can view Plugins at the left side option provided
  3. Now click on checkbox at top right to select all listed plugins
  4. Verify and confirm the checked plugins as they will be inactive now
  5. Now tap on Inactive option and wait for all plugins to go offline
  6. Refresh the WordPress page and then refresh browser to see changes
  7. All plugins will be removed and the site will be live without any plugins

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How to Deactivate Plugins via FTP

In case if you have been locked under your Admin area and required to deactivate the Plugin, then you can use the FTP process to deactivate the Plugins.  As well, the hosting file manager can also be used to deactivate the Plugins on the Website.

  1. Firstly connect your site WordPress using the FTP client
  2. Once connection is made, move to content folder to see files
  3. Here search for Plugins folder and then click on Rename it
  4. Once rename is done, the plugins will be unlinked from your website

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Inactive Plugin using phpMyAdmin

You can also try the phpMyAdmin process to deactivate the Plugin from your website and it is suggested to have a WordPress backup for database when you start this particular process.

  1. Login to your hosting dashboard by providing your user credentials
  2. Now search for phpMyAdmin icon and then click on it to open
  3. Here find for the Options table and then click on it explore
  4. Click on Edit option side to the ‘Active plugins’ to open a text box
  5. Here enter a: 0 :{} and then click on Go button to make the change
  6. Now the plugins will be successfully deactivated from your website

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What is the difference between uninstalling and deactivating Plugins

Uninstalling a Plugin from your wrist will completely wipe the Plugin data and it will be removed from scratch. In deactivating the Plugin, the effect will only be turned off for the moment and in future whenever required it can be activated with one single click.

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