How to Clear WordPress Cache with Hosting, Plugin, Browser


WordPress Cache

Cache in a website or a browser does always affect your live performance. Any cache that is saved when you visit a website from your browser will affect your performance or become a blocker in future searches. In a similar manner, the WordPress cache also saves the data and Meta information of your posts.

Thus when ever tried to make the post live, the same usually old data will be replicated and there will be a lot of confusion. Thus to avoid these irregular data and get a fresh start with WordPress, it is required to clear WordPress cache data.

Why to Clear WordPress Cache

Whenever you’re making changes in your WordPress, then it becomes compulsory to clear the WordPress cache. In real time the data gets affected if there is any unwanted cache information which is not required for current changes. The cache information will always show you previous data and the new changes made affects will not be fully visible. The process to clear the WordPress cache is quite simple and does require you a few minutes before you start changing your website data completely.

Clear WordPress Cache
Clear WordPress Cache

How to Clear WordPress Cache Data

There are numerous methods which can be utilized to clear your WordPress Cache in quick time. We bring you a detailed description of each process to Clear WordPress Cache, from which you can choose one to apply on your website.

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Clear WordPress Cache Through Hosting

Clearing WordPress Cache will ensure to have your new changes affect properly without adding any older unwanted data. If you have hosted your WordPress, then choosing the option form will clear WordPress Cache. Website hosting does come with various options which automate most of your work without actually stressing yourself.  Choose to clear WordPress Cache whenever there are new changes to be affected and as well use the manual option provided for your quick work.

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Clear WordPress cache from WordPress

Here we bring you a method that you can utilize and clear WordPress cache without any extra plug-in or any tool.  Access the SSH or FTH file of your WordPress and then find the option for website cache under it. This is to be clearly used when you’re sure about the options; changing any setting or deleting the data might get your WordPress corrupted.  In this process, there is no Plug-in required as you manually clear the cache data from WordPress.

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Clear WordPress Cache from Google Chrome

The browser cache might also make effects in your WordPress data, thus before clearing the WordPress cache you must check the browser cache. If you are using Google chrome, then you can go to the browser setting and then move to ‘clear browsing data’. Here you can choose to clear the browser cache completely. Make sure you select the option from the browser setting and clean the cache with one single click. Many times browser data might also affect WordPress and the functioning of the site will not be as desired.

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Clear WordPress Cache from Plug-in

WordPress brings an effective WordPress plugin that can help you to clear your WordPress cache quickly.  Every time you can go to settings and get the cache cleared, thus having a plug-in will clear WordPress cache whenever required.

These also help you rank better by displaying only real-time data without considering any older data.  Plug-in will automate the process of cache clearing and will help you to get rid of older data when required only.

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