How to Change Language in Google (Browser & Assistant)


Want to change your google language to feel comfort with it. Just check simple guide about how to change language in google web followed by in google assistant…

Google has different applications and services which we use on a daily basis that include web, Google assistant and Google Discover. And a lot of times you might change your speaking voice to some other and want to understand how do you change back to English on Google?

Using Google assistant to voice command and get results is quite simple as long. As it is English but if you change to some other language then to be honest, you would not receive correct answers. Because you need to speak the language on voice command first right?

Honestly it might seem like a lot but do not worry because through this article you will understand how to change Google language for different services and products to your preferred or English.

Change Language in Google
Change Language in Google

How to Change Language in Google

Most of us use Google web the most and it might be frustrating to use some other language other than the one we know like English right?

  1. Go to settings from your phone
  2. Click on Google and then tap on Manage your Google Account
  3. Tap on Personal Information
  4. Click on language under General preferences for the web,
  5. Choose your preferred language from the list of languages

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How to Change Language in Google Assistant

If you are familiar with Google Assistant which is voice based AI for Android phones. We get to select which language it has as well.

  1. Download and Install Google Home app on your Android device
  2. Open the app and under your account tap on Assistant Settings
  3. Click on Languages and choose your current language
  4. Select any other language or the same from the list of languages

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How do I change my Google search language back to English?

Go to settings and then select Google. Under which you can click on language and select English under the list of languages.

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Why is my Google search in another language?

You can change the Web Search settings from any other search engine to Google under the settings of your browser.

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How do I change the language of Google Chrome?

Under settings of your Chrome browser, click on Languages. You can select your preferred language from the list of languages or English.

How do I change my Google App to English?

Under settings click on Google and then find the Languages option and click on it to change your language. Back to your preferred language or any from the list of languages shown or English.

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