Google in 1980 & How Google Search Engine becomes Popular

Know the reality behind the confusion for foundation year of Google search engine. Just check the complete guide to get clarified and know how Google in 1980 looks like…

Do you wonder how Google was back in 1980’s and if you do, then you might need to know that Google was officially launched in 1998, but both the co-founders Larry Page and Sergey Brin began the foundation operations in 1996 itself. So, to be precise there would be no Google in 1980 or before 1996 when it was founded.

Now here is the trick, search engines like Google might not have existed back in 1980, but there is a way we can visualize and see how Google looked in the 1980s.

Google in 1980
Google in 1980

Before we head on, you might have a question. Why would someone want to know how Google looked in the 1980s? Well the answer is pretty simple, because everyone is curious to know how Google. This has become a part of every household in the world, would have looked previously.

Google Search Engine in 1980

In order to help us understand how the popular search engine Google would look in 1980, a Australian web design group called mass:werk designed the Google search engine terminal 1980. If it had been released in 1980.

Obviously, this is a mock up of how the search engine would look. But the essence and the functions are going to be the same. Moreover, the use of programming terminals have been massively popular in the 1980s. This makes sense to see how Google search engines would look in the 1980s.

No Google Doodles in 1980

Well as you already know Google did not exist back then, so it means that Google Doodles. This are quite prominent now and seen across all special days, events and birthdays or anniversaries of prominent people can’t seen back in 1980.

No Maps, Images Search or Others

I would say there would only be search engines which would find web results at that time.

Was Google Launched in 1980?

No, Google was launched in 1998 by both the co-founders Larry Page and Sergey Brin.

What did Google look like in 1980?

Google was not launched in 1980 but in case if it had been launched back then in 1980s, then it would have a terminal search based look whose mock design was created by an Australian web design group called mass:werk.