How to Fix WP Site URL Error for Http or Https 

Running the WordPress Site on Https is secure and also brings trust by increasing the search engine factor. Https for a website is all about bringing accurate data on search results making your content value. There are many changes that have to be done when you’re moving your website URL from Http to Https

The major issues which are seen are mixed content warning which is important to view and that is to be primarily focused by the website owner while migration.  Most importantly, business browsers such as Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox don’t encourage any site with http as they are against the security policy.

Fix WP Site URL Error
Fix WP Site URL Error

What is Mixed Content Warning?

If a website has been migrated to Https form Http, the search results for the users will be displayed based on both the URLs. These will mess up the website content and bring the mixed content warning.  As both the http and Https are separate protocols, the migration does need more change to be made which if not encountered brings the warning. The website java script, images, posts and everything are to be running in Https only and that makes your content free available.

What Causes Mixed Content Warning:

There is a Mixed Content Warning which has been brought here for your reference. These are some quickly seen warnings by the website owners when they get their website URL changes form Http to Https.

  • There are some recently added plugins or services which might have code written in different protocols.
  • There are images which have got hardcoded URLs which are with Http code and they will be inside your post. This might get updated with the Https code and has to be updated to make the effect.
  • When you’re joining to Http version of some external scripts and might not be particular
  • There might be some video scripts which might use Http instead of using the new Https

How to Fix WordPress Site URL Error for Http to Https:

The real issue of the WordPress Site URL error for Http to Https can only be resolved once you start troubleshooting the errors. As there are multiple system configurations that have to be changed to make the new Https protocol working fine.

Find Which Resources are Loading Over Http:

The primary task after the migration from Http to Https is to find out which resources are still losing ahead of http. These mixed content warnings will be restricted to certain areas of your WordPress and might be fully. Thus it is required to find out specific resources and troubleshoot them.

  • Launch your browser and click on Console tab to explore Developers Tools
  • The mixed content errors will be highlighted in yellow or red in the page
  • Else you can find’ Request has been blocked and served Over Https”
  • Thus the browser bocks the Http content and let you find resource
  • Security in Chrome DevTools will show you Non secure Origins
  • Network section will list you blocked request and particular resource

This way you find the resources which are being blocked due to Http coding under the Https WordPress.

How to check Https Warning in All:

Let us find a solution to check the entire WordPress to make you free from these errors. These will bulk check your website and entirely ensure you to tackle all the warnings which are raised.

SSL Check: Use SSL Check tool from Jitbit, which can be used to find the insecure Http posts or images or video script in your Https site. Using this tool will trigger a warning to make your understanding.

Ahrefs Site Audit Tool:  this Audit tool does have ability to detect Https and Http mixed content error. If you have enough knowledge on these issues then these tools can give you a good walkthrough with quick options.

Https checker: The Https checker is desktop software which can be installed to scan the site fully. These checkers will find the not secure warning under site and will give you a list of them to get your understanding.

What is SSL Insecure Content Fixer:

WordPress does have a Plugin with the name SSL insecure content fixer which can be used to uncover errors which might lead to mixed content warnings. This WordPress Plugin is free to use and will perform an automatic solution by fixing the warnings.

How to Update Http Links over Https:

There are links which are to be updated to make them available with the Https. There are numerous links which are accessible through Http which are to be updated with the Https in the address bar. In the website address bar, you can just change the Https to reflect an error with the name will be resolved.

How WordPress Search and Replace for Http

One can use the manual option to find the Http in your website or use some WordPress Plugin to search and replace the Https.  It is quite best to visit the database root data file and find the Http content. These can be just replaced with the Https and the issue with mixed content error or WordPress Site URL will be fixed.

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