Email Marketing Services for Automated Content Management

Email marketing services offer services of email campaigns and newsletter with their various features. There are many popular Email Marketing services which bring different options for the business to send emails to multiple users during their usual campaigns. These are equipped with design tools, automation capabilities, email creation and personalized content.

Using Email Marketing allows you to create a mailing list along with bringing a platform to engage with subscribers. There are various options that Email Marketing services provide but choosing the right one for your business is very important.

Email Marketing Services
Email Marketing Services

Email Marketing Services

Here we bring you some best Email Marketing Services from which you can select for your business. These might be very familiar in terms of features but do have differences in their options and range of subscribers. Make sure you analyze and choose the best Email Marketing service to support your business.


This is a popular Email Marketing service that brings over 9000 free emails to contacts and brings a very basic plan for just 25 dollars. There are multiple plans which can be selected based on the contacts and the number of emails that are selected to send. The highest plan in Sendinblue offers over 5, 00,000 contacts for email campaigns.

  • Laser focused segmentation
  • Personalized content
  • A/B testing
  • Optimization tools
  • Drag and Drop Email Editor
  • Responsive Templates to create emails
  • Autoresponders

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Lead Scoring and Automated Content Management


Mailchimp might be one of the popular and well-known Email Marketing services that bring initial emails to 10,000 customers and add over 2,000 contacts. The basic plan in Mailchimp Email Marketing starts at just 11 dollars with adding only 500 contacts and does gradually increase as the subscriber you choose.

  • Pre-Built and Custom Segmentation
  • A/B Testing
  • Time Optimization Tools
  • Ecommerce Plug-in
  • Email Automation for re-engagement emails
  • Get Social media scheduling and Ads
  • Increase subscribers with paid packages

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Convertkit offers unlimited emails to up to 300 contacts and brings the initial plan for 15 dollars. These are basically designed for a small business that runs with a low budget and only concentrates on a limited range. The ConvertKit does offer basic features under its Email Marketing plans and can be the best choice if you’re trying to use Email Marketing for the very first time.

  • A/B Testing for Subject Lines
  • Ability to Segment the list
  • Personalized Campaigns Tags
  • Landing Page templates
  • Signup form to increase conversion


HubSpot Email Marketing Service is the best choice if you are trying to save over 1, 00,000 customers and send emails to over 2,000 lists. This does not charge for the contacts but brings the subscription plan at a higher rate when compared with other Email Marketing service providers. The higher the price of the subscription, the larger will be the range of emails & contacts to use in Email Marketing.

  • Email Tracking and Scheduling
  • CRM
  • Meeting Scheduling
  • Predictive Lead Scoring
  • Sales Automation
  • Reporting and email sequences
  • Ticketing and Support


Mailerlite is one more popular Email Marketing service provider which starts by limiting the contacts but giving heavy numbers in email campaigns. To increase the number of contacts, Mailerlite brings affordable submarine plans. These plans can be changed anytime as per the preference and traffic that the business is targeting.

  • Drag and Drop editor
  • Signup form to grow Emails
  • Dedicated Landing Pages
  • Website Builder option
  • MailerSend to send emails
  • A/B testing
  • Optimization tools
  • Regular analytics to track performance

Campaign Monitor

Campaign Monitor is one of the cheapest Email Marketing service providers, which allows you to send unlimited emails through email campaigns. On the other hand, it allows you to save only 5 contacts in its free plans. These Email Marketing services are mostly for the initial business who wanted to test the concept of Email Marketing through a limited range of email campaigns. This is initially for beginners to learn and explore email marketing with a limited list of contacts and email campaigns.

  • Creates custom segments
  • Send and created branded emails
  • Visual Journey editor for email automation

Constant Contact

Constant Contact Email Marketing is a fully loaded marketing service provider which brings more features than just email. Get access to free email templates along with various tools to automate your own customized mails. Unlike their Email Marketing services, these provide advanced and updated tools with various new features. Easier to add contacts and get the email campaigns processed on flexible tools.

  • A/B Testing
  • Email plus Package
  • Multi Step Automated Email
  • Survey and Online Donations
  • Advanced Segmentation

What are email marketing services?

Email marketing services are tools which help you send emails either in bulk or automation to your recipients.

What are the 4 types of email marketing services?

Transactional, Conversational, Automation and Regular are the 4 types of email marketing services.

What are the best email marketing tools in India?

MailChimp and SendGrid have been few of the best email marketing tools in India.

Types of email marketing services to send list of mails?

Email marketing services allow you to send emails to your list of emails either through regular campaigns or either through automations.

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