Devil Meaning in Hindi

Check the exact meaning of Devil in Hindi and the similar words used in place of it in both Hindi and English…

Hindi is a diverse language and there are a lot of words you might have heard about out of which Devil word in Hindi is something you should know about. We all know what Devil meaning actually is but in Hindi it has a peculiar meaning that is very interesting to know about as well.

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In this article, we will learn about Devil meaning in Hindi to help understand and explain to you what it stands for. Also the use of the word in the general use of Hindi language as well.

devil meaning
Devil Meaning

Devil Meaning in Hindi

There are lot of different names for the word Devil meaning in Hindi which are दानव, दुर्जन, नर-पिशाच, पिशाच, बदमाश, यम, पिशाच, भूत. Out of all these the common understanding is that Devil in Hindi stands for something fearsome that public feares.

Exact Definition of Devil – Any non human being which tries to harm and obstruct the human world is generally regarded as Devil in Hindi.

One of the growing trends is that a lot of youth in India like to have the word Devil. Or the logo of the Devil embedded in their vehicles. It used as their username on social media platforms for being cool.

What is the meaning of :I am Devil” in Hindi ?

The exact meaning of “I am Devil” in Hindi simply means Main Shaitan Hu.

Exact meaning of Female Devil In Hindi ?

Female Devil meaning in Hindi is Mahila Shaitaan.

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