Dark Cloud – A Game of Positive Reviews by Critics

If you are a fan of Action RPG games then you would have already heard about Dark Cloud game series which is a role playing game, and this game has been developed by Sony Games and is one of the most seeked games to be returned to the arenas again.

This game has got two parts already which were released in the 2000 and 2001 years all across the globe, and there are a lot of fans who are awaiting the return of this game even after 20 years and in this article, we discuss the possibility of the third part being released.

If you have played this game in the past and then are expecting that there can be another part which the gaming studios might want to release is just a concept or theory right now in the era of new technology since this is not much of a profit for any of the studios.

Dark Cloud Game
Dark Cloud Game

Simple note is that this game was released for Xbox, PlayStation and PC Console back in the day which brought in a huge fan base at that time which is nearly saturated by 2020.

Will there be Dark Cloud 3 – Expected Release Date

Level-5 which is a co-production and gaming studio which released the Dark Cloud game series has said in their past interviews during 2017 that they would like to bring the next part of this game to at least to some of the consoles or PC, but after going through the game release schedule for both the Level-5 and Sony it is evident that they have already pre planned a lot of new and action games to be released over the next 6 years.

Yes, Games take a lot of time to be built and with the advancement in the graphics, games and the types, and the hype for a game such as Dark Cloud is not high which is a clear indication that both the Level-5 and Sony are not going to put this game on their A list for production.

So, literally speaking though the game was great but the graphics have now changed to the extent that the games abilities and the special features are no longer so welcomed into the gaming world as we explored lots of new games like Fortnite, PUBG who have taken over the gaming world in a blizz in the last few years.

Need for the Game: Especially in these times where Steam has lots of RPG games stacked one after another and more Multiplayer games like Fornite, PUBG coming into picture, the need for Dark Cloud 3 seems to be very little.

Audience: Thought there is always a gaming audience for RPG games, but releasing the next part for this game would be difficult because it has already been 20 years and most of the gamers who played this game previously might be into their real lives and jobs which makes making the most out of old users a bad sign.

Promotion: On the other hand, this was a popular game in the past but it will require huge promotion for sales on the Internet which will not yield huge revenue for any of the studios with the gaming niche being saturated with games being released every month.

So there are very faint chances that the Level 5 and Sony Games are interested in releasing the Dark Cloud 3 Game which is a far fetched goal for them right now, and it is simply because they have outlined their games plan for the next few years and are in production already.

In the last case, if the tides were to be turned and the gaming world would seem a fair chance of getting the Dark Cloud 3 would only happen anytime after 2024 because the production time and the game development would take a few years.

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Will there be another part for Dark Cloud 3?

Right now both the gaming studios which have created the Dark Cloud game previously are already working on huge games to be released over the next few years which makes the possibility of this game being released to be low or none. So, there are no high chances that this game will be taken up for production or be released anytime before 2020.

Can I play Dark Cloud on my PS4 Console?

Yes, the Dark Cloud older version and parts have been remastered such that they are compatible with the newly released consoles like PS4. So, you will be able to play this game on your PS4 console without any issues.

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