No Sound on iPhone, Find iOS No Sound Solution in 5 Ways

iPhone sure is a great day until you come across the issue where your iPhone has no sound. This would surely make your life stressful, an iPhone without sound would not be useful at all. You would miss out on a lot of important things such as calls or notifications or messages from someone important.

iPhone Not Ringing – Find Reason, Fix Why is My iPhone Not Ringing

Find the exact reason why is my iphone not ringing, and Fix iPhone not ringing issue in possible 5 methods to resolve instantly and to use the business phone… iPhone is a major brand in Smartphone devices which is unique and does have various features that are different from other Smartphone? At times, users get

iTunes Could Not Connect to this iPhone – 6 Methods to Fix

iTunes could not connect to this iphone, you do not have permission. You may fix this error using most 6 possible methods. Just check each simple method to fix iphone not showing up in itunes… iTunes is like an amazing tool for Apple devices such as iPhone, iPod and others to load music, photos, videos

iPhone 7 Not Charging, Fix My iPhone Won’t Charge in 6 Ways

Afraid that your iPhone 7 not charging anymore? Yes, you should be because a phone that’s worth more than $800 stops charging might cause a lot of fuss, but in the world of tech millions face similar charging issues and such is also the case with iPhone 7 users which is why you do not

Rename iPhone, Find How to Change iPhone Name Instantly

How to change iPhone name instantly? Simple steps to rename iPhone presented for Apple device users to change name anytime as per requirement… You got yourself a new iPhone which is a perfect device in itself from specs to camera giving you the vibe of fame but there is one thing that could be bugging

iPhone Wallpaper Size to Make Picture Fit for iPhone Screen

iPhone wallpaper size does have various sizes for every model. Here you will get to know about each model with their respective size. It is quite mandatory you choose any picture of yourself or anything which is exact size of your iPhone Wallpaper. The iPhone is far different than an Android device and having an