How to Forget a WiFi Network on MAC – Step by Step Guide

Find the step-by-step guide for how to forget a WiFi network on MAC device if the internet keeps dropping or not getting the best range of signal…

In this time of Fast Internet you might come across a lot of different WiFi networks that are free and your settings being aligned to accessing any WiFi network in that wireless zone which makes it a hard job when it collects a lot of networks under your MAC.

At the same time if you travel from place to place then also you might accept some new WiFi networks that you might never use in the future as well, and that is why in this article, we will be going over the process through which you can forget a WiFi network on MAC easily.

So, through this guide, you can get rid of all the WiFi networks which internet keeps dropping or that you don’t need to use, and sometimes it’s not just that accessing a new WiFi is hard but it can also get tricky when you try to forget the old network so that you can access a new one, but do not worry because for MAC it’s quite easy and with the below steps presented by bsnlteleservices, you can follow step by step guide about how to forget WiFi network on your MAC device easily.

How to Forget a Network on MAC

  1. Open your MAC and then go to the System Preferences tab
  2. Click on Network
  3. Tap on Advanced which will take you to the Networks tab
  4. select the WiFi network under Wi-Fi Names, that you would like to forget
  5. Click on the minus button below that will remove the network
  6. Check the option Remember networks this computer has joined
  7. Simply forgotten the WiFi network from your MAC device in quick time.
  1. Why MAC device won’t forget WiFi network?

    Most of the time this error does not occur, but if you face this issue where the MAC device won’t forget the WiFi network even after following the above method then try to restart your device and then following the above method again would resolve the issue.

  2. Can I forget the WiFi network on MAC when not in range?

    Yes, you can still forget the WiFi network on MAC, if you are not in the range as well and all you have to do is follow the above guide and forget the network since it does not matter if you are away from the WiFi while doing this as well.

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