BSNL Unlimited Recharge Plans for 3G 4G Data, Calls, SMS

Introduced Truly unlimited plans in all circle / corporate BSNL unlimited recharge plans for combo services…

Check the new combo recharge offers for BSNL prepaid mobile, provides unlimited calls to any network and unlimited 3G, 4G data having huge limit for each day with free SMS and new validity to avoid frequent recharges for full talktime and separate net pack or SMS vouchers and the new validity of the mobile plans which are revised recently…

Finding and choose the best unlimited offers & new packs from huge list is a task, now we made easy for your reference to check the available BSNL recharge offers today applicable for your prepaid mobile number as combo packs starting from one month validity to one year validity.

If you active this unlimited recharge combo packs once, there is no need to check for validity recharge or full talktime offers, SMS or most required 4G data plans, and these combo packs provide Unlimited voice calls with FUP limit to any network along huge free mobile data per day, let’s have a look at each prepaid unlimited plan under BSNL GSM mobile services.

One BSNL Recharge for Unlimited Calls and Data

Unlimited Recharge Plans with Combo Validity

BSNL Unlimited Recharge Plans

BSNL 199 Plan for 30 days

485- BSNL 485 Plan for 90 days with free caller tune

666- BSNL 666 Plan for 120 days

1999- BSNL 1999 4G Unlimited Recharge Plan with Free Tune & Lokdhun Contest

BSNL 2399 Unlimited Prepaid Recharge Plan (with Free Add On’s)

2999 Unlimited BSNL Recharge

As per the data, of plan activations through BSNL online recharge or offline in the last three months. Most of the prepaid subscribers opted for one year validity plans shown in the above recharge plans. So, it’s the time for you to choose BSNL ONE Recharge from the operator allowing multiple benefits from the above as a best combo pack for all your mobile requirements.

  1. Which BSNL unlimited plans are applicable for FUP limit?

    All the circle / corporate based unlimited prepaid recharge plans are under consideration for 250 minutes FUP limit per day.

  2. What are the charges after 250 Mins per day?

    This is not applicable at present. At present all unlimited plans allows Truly unlimited calls to any network. Where as the old condition is, If a customer is using more than 250 minutes outgoing minutes [(local + STD + Outgoing Roaming) (On-net/Off-net) as per Unlimited recharge benefits] in a day, then, after consumption of 250 minutes, the customer will be charged at 1 paisa per second (local + STD) for the rest of the day till midnight 00.00 hours.

  3. Can STV 1098 allowed with FUP for the entire period

    Yes, BSNL STV 1098 will allow unlimited voice/ data without FUP limit for 84 days.

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15 thoughts on “BSNL Unlimited Recharge Plans for 3G 4G Data, Calls, SMS”

  1. It’s nothing to tell about BSNL. In no way there are plans beneficial for only talking and they have made non available. But no other way the Officials using cleverness one can call made plans in such a way either this or that one is under their noose because BSNL too wants to survive. So no other option get hanged by them

  2. சிறிது சிறிதா கட்டணத்தை உயர்த்தி நாட்களின் எண்ணிக்கை குறைப்பதுவும் சேவையின் தரம் உயர்த்தாமலும் (வெள்ளிக்கிழமை நின்றுவிட்ட இணைய சேவை திங்கள் கிழமை காலை 10மணிக்கு சரிசெய்தல்) மற்றொரு 2/3/4G வழங்குனரை நாடச்செய்யும் சிறப்பானதொரு முயற்சியாகும். பெட்ரோல் விலை போல் கட்டணமாற்றங்கள் அடிக்கடி இடம்பெறுதலும் 2/3/4G வழங்குனரை நாடச்செய்யும் சிறப்பானதொரு முயற்சியாகும்

  3. Earlier, there were plans with less amount but now a days you have increased the charges, There are no yearly plans for only talk time with less amount, Could you provide us a good plan which has annual activation in less amount with only talk time, because there are so many people who do not use SMS or data, they just use talk time.

  4. Please ensure first all area with full bsnl 4G network Coverage and stop cable landline and broadband services, Try 4G sim landline and 4G broadband and mobile, No need maintenance,
    Now 90% cable landline and broadband service not working properly i use broadband from 2007 every time problem and very low speed net @160kb only,
    From February 2019 i got 2 mb speed only but my plan 8MB its ok i need more good speed and good services.

  5. I am using BSNL LAND LINE more than 20 years and I am paying the bills on monthly basis, I am PHYSICALLY HANDICAPPED AND ALSO SENIOR citizen, Recently for an accident unable to move properly, for this reason my daughter deposited RUPEES 3000,THREE THOUSAND on 21st January 2019, Please treat this deposit in your early advanced deposit schedule and give me the necessary concessions.

    • Any advance payments in BSNL cash counters will directly debit in the next coming bills only, and the same doesn’t adds into advance security deposit.

    • Means, it is not the network problem, it is BSNL SIM card problem, so just go to customer service center and ask for SIM replacement with new 3G/4G SIM to solve the emergency call issue.

  6. Its not the problem with employees problem is all about the BSNL officers who didn’t know how to use the employees they will use youngsters and full efficient workers in indoor where there is no work and uses the ladies and old employees in the line where they can’t do instead uses private people who didn’t work well.

    • Yes, very well said about the present condition, BSNL corporate issued the offers and policies in a very well manner, but the implementation and using the staff in a particular area as per their skills is a blig flop by the officers of field area, where thousands of employees are chit chatting and getting salaries every month, if the field officers are well utlized their staff in an organised manner as per the corporate instructions, BSNL is well performed with in two years.

  7. K fine these are all super plans, but how to convince the people about BSNL employees who are not working properly and one more thing is BSNL employees are not having any idea about marketing with these plans also and these people’s only for taking salary but work is zero, plz take new young employees for marketing, we can fight for BSNL BSNL zinda hai, don’t mistake me, iam also BSNL fan since 2010.

    • I think sacking all BSNL employees a good idea since most of them are aged above 55, and they can explain you what happened in Ramayana and Mahabharata but when you ask them about a particular BSNL scheme their BP level rises.


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