BSNL Safe Custody for Landline Broadband, Bharat Fiber & BBoWiFi

Check the details of BSNL Safe Custody scheme and activate the plan if required to kept your existing BSNL line on your name and reduce the rental charges for your Landline Broadband or BSNL Bharat Fiber (FTTH) and BBoWiFi services for a specified period of time.

What is BSNL Safe Custody

A safekeeping of BSNL technical infrastructure relates to the subscribed line of BSNL Landline / Broadband / Fiber to the Home services with nominal charges, and the existing details by disconnecting the BSNL telecom services, when not using for a certain period of time is BSNL Safe Custody.

The charges collected against Custody when requested by customers are same for all customers of Metro cities / Urban areas. The charges differ to Rural areas upon request. Previously, there is no availability for FTTH, but now it is available to maximum period for BSNL broadband safe custody.

BSNL Safe Custody Charges

Service Safe Custody Charges for all India (Except Kerala)Charges for Kerala from 07.12.21
BSNL Landline on Copper Rs. 50 for Urban Area per month

Rs. 30 for Rural Area per month
– As Left –
Landline + Broadband on Copper + FTTH (Bharat Fiber) + Air FiberRs.99 per month for both Rural and Urban

Rs. 499 for Half Yearly (for both Urban & Rural)

Rs. 799 for Yearly (for both Urban & Rural)
– As Left –
Fiber Based plans including Air Fiber having FMC below Rs.800 -same as above- Rs. 150 per month
Fiber based plans including AirFibre above Rs.800 -same as above- 150 per month

The above all India charges are applicable with effect from 19.01.2022.

All the Voice connections under Fibre shall be treated as combo during safe custody.

Keeping BSNL Landline or FTTH under safe custody is a kind of disconnection of service temporarily for a certain period of time and to reduce the charges up to 90%, so customers can utilize this opportunity, if not using the telecom services for a certain period.

What is the Minimum Period for Safe Custody?

The minimum safe custody period is 1month. This condition is applicable for all Landline, Bharat Fiber, and Broadband over WiFi (BBoWiFi) services. However, subscribers can restore their connection(s) anytime even within one month by paying monthly charges of safe custody for the full calendar month at the time of termination of safe custody.

How to activate BSNL Safe Custody?

The service shall permit the written request of the authorized subscriber to concerned commercial officer at CSC. It is clearly indicating that the connection (Landline / Bharat Fiber / BBoWiFi) is to be kept under “Safe Custody” from the date.

How to keep BSNL Broadband Safe Custody?

DSL/Bharat Fiber Broadband is an additional service on Landline. If wishes to keep both services in safe custody, the charges are 150/month. But if disconnect the internet service and activate the safe custody for Landline, the charges are low. Where this type is not applicable for FTTH.

When we have to pay BSNL Safe Custody Charges?

The fixed monthly charges levied in the bill, So before(advance) or after the restoration of Custody of the subscribed service, you will pay the bill.

What is the charging pattern for safe custody?

Customer charged as per the above charges per month from the time of initiation of Safe Custody to the time of termination of Safe Custody.

Whether we have to return Accessories on Safe Custody

The Modem / CPE / Accessories supplies by the BSNL (i.e. not having customer owned) shall recover from the customer for keeping the same under Custody period.

How Advance Rental Charges are adjusted?

If ‘half yearly / annual /biennial /triennial’ payment customer changes to safe custody plan, as is done in other annual payment cases, adjustment credit will be given to the customer for the unutilized period and will get adjusted in the subsequent invoices.

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33 thoughts on “BSNL Safe Custody for Landline Broadband, Bharat Fiber & BBoWiFi”

  1. Sir,
    As I will be away for three months please keep my Landline Telephone No. 04352410544 in safe custody for three months from 15th May 2022. I have only one telephone instrument and do not have BB or other facilities or accessories to retun to you.

    G. Hariharan,
    F2, Paras Padma Villa Apartments,
    Sronagar colony Extension,

  2. Hi, I am using BB connection Since last 22 years, Due to some unavoidable reasons I am not able to stay in my house for the next 5 months. i,e from 01.05.2022. Is it possible to stop the service temporarily? If the service Stops How much will be the monthly bill for next 5 months, My phone number.

  3. Dear Sir,

    I am from Chennai, I want to keep my Landline under safe custody from April 10th to September 1st. Is there a way to do online? please send me link or guidance. i am a registered user on the BSNLselfcare portal.

  4. Hi BSNL Broadband Team,
    My name is Rakesh Kumar Pandey I want a new broadband connection in my native place.
    My address Village Bajaha Post jahanaganj Dist Azamgarh UP 276131.

  5. Hi, I am using Bharat Fiber BB connection Since June 2021, Due to some unavoidable reasons I am not able to stay in my house for the next 6 months. Is it possible to stop the service temporarily? If the service Stops How much will be the monthly bill for next 6 months


  6. Greetings,
    I have Landline & Broadband under safekeeping in Pune City BSNL, I will be returning to Pune and want the connection to be restored by 10-11 Feb, 2021, How do I get the connection restored without physically visiting the BSNL Office?

    Can I send email with required request letter / ID proofs / latest paid bills / any other to any email ID of the concerned BSNL Kothrud Telephone Exchange at Bheklenagar Chowk, Pune (Near Yashwantrao Chavan Natyagruha) ?

  7. Respected Sir ,
    I had already applied for BSNL phone disconnection, for which i have been intimated that it is successfully disconnected , Now i got a bill amount of 35 Rs as a Safe Custody Charge , I have not applied for the same and this is ridiculous at your end sending bill for the same , i have both copies of receipt and Form Filled Of the same in which i have never mentioned of safe custody . Kindly look in the matter as i am not going to pay any more to BSNL .

    Mr : Parvez Engineer
    Phone Number – 0265-2334916
    Contact No – 9825152292

  8. Please arrenge to provide my house at Durganagar south. Vivekananda Sarani. Kolkata-700065, with a Land Phone & High speed Broadband facility as early as possible. Thanks

  9. હું મારો લેન્ડલાઈન ફોન safe કસ્ટડીમાં મૂકવા માગું છું મહેરબાની કરીને online માહિતી આપશો.

    • હું મારો ફોન નંબર.૨૬૬૧૧૫૧ safe કસ્ટડીમાં મુકવા માગું છું આપની ઓફિસે આવ્યા વગર આ કામ કરી શકું છું. સુરેશ લીલાધર મિસ્ત્રી

  10. Hi,
    I am in my native due to COVID 19, Can I submit a safe custody request to nearby BSNL office? Actually my fiber connection is in Bangalore. Is it possible? Please let me know.

  11. I have been charged an amount of Rs 4k, just for installation of FTTH(Fiber based connection). Is it genuine?

    • Mine is charging ₹6500, Isn’t there any guidelines issued for the installation charges, I don’t even have other options than to buy Bharat fiber.

      • My cousin said he was charged 6500 but the local BSNL office stated 4500, We need some clarity on the breakup of changes and the seeming variation.

    • Cost depends on few perametrs like modem type(single band/dual band), distance of destination from main line, how many customer in your society or area but usually 3.5k to 4.5k is genuine

  12. Hi, I Request for placing my landline and broadband connection in safe custody without having to visit the BSNL office or the exchange, because of Covid19, is it possible to make the request online?

    • Yes, you can do so. I did not. Just visit
      and register there if you are not registered. add your telephone number and then click on you registered landline number over there. Visit modify services and then change tariff – you will find the option there.

  13. Hi, We have to leave to UK suddenly and cannot come into the BSNL Office, We would like the account to be changed into safe custody, how can I do this from the UK.

  14. My land line no is 0491-2873255 (Pathiripala, Palakkad), and Now I am in USA and my above phone and broadband was kept under safe custody with effect from 12/03/2019 for 6 months, I will be returning on 14/09/2019, What shall I do to restore landline and broadband connection with effect from 14/09/2019.
    I was told at the time of safe custody, that I should send an email to the bsnl palakkad 2 days prior to the date on which the reconnection is required, Unfortunately I left the email id at my home at Pathiripala,
    Please provide the email id so that I can send the email on 12/09/2019, so that I will get connection on 14/09/2019 itself, Please mail me the details at the earliest at the undernoted email id.

  15. When I contacted your Broadband service provider, your sales guy is asking for 2500 Rs for installing the broadband, I don’t see any such charges on online, can you please give me more information on this.

    • Ask him about the details of deposit, and the fees to be paid, the maximum charges to be paid are
      1. Broadband Security deposit (Rs.500 if plan is 500 plan)
      2. Now Installation free.
      3. Telephone Instrument charges to be included in first bill (if required)
      4. Bharat Fiber ONT Rent in first bill (If connection is FTTH other wise not required)

      It means, any customer has to pay only Broadband security deposit as per the plan only, there is no requirement of extra charges payment, if having any problem, please complaint to higher authorities Public Grievance portal in online.

  16. Good day sir, My Landline No is 2238467, Thirupati.
    I am leaving for America to stay there for period of 5 months, I would like to hand over my unit for Safe Custody till I return what is the procedure, could you please enlighten me in this regard
    Thank you
    Prof Rangamnatbh.

    • Can I surrender my BSNL mobiles for safe custody, as I am leaving for the USA and stay there for a period of Five months.

      • Safe Custody for Mobile services is not available.
        It is to suggest that, just recharge with Rs.36 for three months validity on expiry from anywhere in the world, and If you are a postpaid customer, just migrate to prepaid and recharge with validity.

    • Please approach your area BSNL CSC/Commercial section and submit your written request for BSNL Safe custody from required date.

  17. Is it possible to request safe custody feature via selfcare portal and does a request for safe custody will cover the Broadband also.


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