What is BSNL FRC & Types of Mobile Plan Recharges?

BSNL First Recharge Coupon is FRC and also termed as Plan Voucher or Plan Recharge, and this should be used for first time activation of a new mobile number, and also different types of first recharge can be used for validity extension / migration to other plan under BSNL Mobile Services.

There are many First Recharge Coupons for limited and unlimited usage under voice and data services, Some of the FRC’s are launched by Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited and some by Circles as per the local competition.


Have a look at different types of BSNL First Recharge Coupoun available in different circles (AP/Telangana: Amulya, Kerala: Mithram Plus, Kerala Plan, Tamil Nadu : Vasantham Gold, Plan Marutham etc..

Different Types of FRC (BSNL Recharge Plan) available in BSNL circles

  1. What will happen if a new customer does not recharge with FRC?

    As per the conditions, BSNL Grace period (GP1 and GP2) of 7 + 165 days are allowed to recharge and activate the GSM mobile services

  2. What are the options to recharge BSNL FRC for a Porting customer?

    There are three options to do FRC for normal and BSNL MNP customer, they are
    BSNL Online Recharge
    My BSNL App
    Easy Recharge available with BSNL Retailer

  3. Will BSNL prepaid recharge plans allow free recharge?

    Any prepaid mobile plan under GSM services didn’t give any free recharge on subscription but allow some free talk time accordingly.

  4. Why BSNL New SIM Card holder can’t able to make a call?

    Without doing FRC (i.e. Basic Plan), a prepaid mobile customer of BSNL does not allow to make the voice calls to any network and also not allowed to use SMS or Data services.

  5. Can the validity of BSNL mobile extends automatically?

    If having the sufficient balance in prepaid mobile, the validity will extend automatically as per the condition.


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14 thoughts on “What is BSNL FRC & Types of Mobile Plan Recharges?”

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    मैं चार दिन से BSNL head office के चक्कर लगा रहा हूं और प्रतिदिन बोल देते हैं 5 बजे के बाद होगा और फिर नहीं करते है

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  5. I Port a Airtel number to BSNL Payment 116 to pay in Barrackpore santi bazar 700120 my sim ready but I am not use without frc so I am not any call it is urgent please recharge Frc

  6. Sir BSNL plan is very best for poor villagers people, but sir BSNL service is very poor, BSNL employers is very bad, no working.

  7. मै बीएसएनएल का नया सिम लिया हूं सिम वेरिफिकेशन के बाद एक्टिवेट हो गया है पर उसने एफआरसी नहीं किया है मेरा नंबर है 9472937880 पेमेंट ले लिया है प्लीज़ मेरा एफआरसी करवा दीजिए। पटना बिहार का सिम कार्ड है।

  8. मैने jio to bsnl मे no पोर्ट किया नाशिक सिडको ऑफिस मे मेरे से frc का payement ले लिया मगर recharge किया ही नही इसके लिये मेरा no 2 दिन से बंद पडा हुआ है

  9. Worst of an experience with BSNL As anticipated
    I àm searching for guideline regarding FRC since last midnight, Almost five times I tried to know in detail about type of FRC and it’s availability to individual customer, but none of Customer Care Officer answered my query Abit
    Poorly educated ,totally manner less, Curt and careless are the persons BSNL has recruited to communicate with his?? Valuable Customers. Never ever if I remember I would have been successful in approaching any Senior Customer Care Officer in time of Need.
    *On top of this is the cader of BSNL Office bearers and managerial person, one will endorse my statement by seeing them personally that they are list interested in improving company’s reputation and quality of service. They won’t have knowledge enough to answer questions arising out of little technical messup.*
    This sounds too ironical but it’s all true. To withstand world class competitor like Jio and other Telecom Company BSNL has nothing and infact it is wearing money of Government by making huge loss.
    The most shameful I could notice is that most office bearers do not know that BSNL has CDMA network which they always hide and discourage customers to think on that ??? maybe because it is being utilized by mainly by their staff only. CDMA is best and yet chip data service available against too congested GSM, WCDMA & LTE Bands.
    Will any one focus and do something about salvaging the company and holding nation’s repute from getting naked.

    • Sir, please try to recharge FRC for Rs.108/. through BSNL website, It is only working for portability SIM cards in Tamilnadu, Just now I have recharged after searching for 2 days.


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