BSNL Complaint Online for Broadband, FTTH and Landline

Now there is no requirement to search for BSNL complaint booking number online or offline for Hyderabad, Bangalore, Pune, Chennai and other cities or towns because BSNL complaint online is live to address the issues to higher authorities also in various ways…

BSNL Complaint

In India, plenty of consumers uses landline, mobile or BSNL internet services. But many are not entirely aware of the complaint redressal mechanism and how to register BSNL online complaint that too in just 15 seconds of time.

For all of them, we are here to guide about the latest BSNL online complaint portal to lodge your grievances and to know BSNL complaint status.

We just start from the basic, and there are times, Indian telecom users break their head with frustrated telecom service since the time complaint lodged. Also, there is only BSNL landline complaint number available in all the states.

New Online Complaint Booking Portal

After some days, it overcomes over a contact through the phone to register BSNL complaint broadband or landline fault for rectification, and after some days, it also overcomes with new procedure as below, so just lodge a complaint on dialing 198 from any BSNL landline or mobile.

BSNL Complaint Number

Service IVRS Complaint Number Customer Care
Landline / Wings19818003451500
BSNL broadband complaint198 18003451504
BSNL Fiber (FTTH) 198 18003451504
WiFi 18004255300

It is the first level BSNL complaint booking number, dialing 198 and following the IVRS (Interactive Voice Response System) procedure can take some time to select the option.

Every second is so valuable for everyone in this digital environment, to offer all them in this mobile age, BSNL introduces new online complaint portal for mobile, broadband landline customers to submit the grievances quickly without wasting time from anywhere.

There is no complaint letter format here, just file an online complaint about any of the below-mentioned issues you are facing relates to Landline, Broadband, and Bharat Fiber.

  1. BB ADSL Modem Link Failure
  2. Broadband Multi-User Configuration Problem
  3. BB Completely Out Of Order
  4. BSNL Modem Problem
  5. Broadband Username/Password
  6. BB Disturbance in the Line
  7. BB IPTV Complaint
  8. Broadband Modem Repurchase
  9. BB LAN/ Link Connection Break
  10. BB Line / LAN / DSLAMBreak
  11. Broadband No Internet Connection Broadband No Mail
  12. BB Page does not open
  13. Broadband Slow Speed
  14. BB Virus Problem
  15. BB Outlook Config Problem

Apart from broadband complaints, you can also book the following complaints related to the following.

  1. IP Centrex Complaint
  2. Cable Fault
  3. Completely Out of Order
  4. Speech Cutting
  5. Crosstalk with other lines
  6. No Speech
  7. Telephone Instrument Faulty
  8. No Incoming Call
  9. Low Speech
  10. No Incoming Ring
  11. Noisy Line
  12. Phone Dead

BSNL Complaint Booking Online

  1. Visit BSNL complaint portal at
  2. Click Register Complaint
  3. Select Service from a dropdown list (Landline, Broadband, Bharat Fiber Landline, Wings, BB over WiFi, BB over EPBAX)
  4. Enter STD Code (Submit with 0 Ex:- 040)
  5. Enter Landline Number (Submit 6/7/8 digit Landline number related to Fixed Line / Broadband / Bharat Fiber Service
  6. Select Complaint Type
  7. Select Suitable Reason for Complaint from drop down menu
  8. Enter Captcha code shown for security
  9. Click Submit Complaint
  10. Note down the complaint id displayed on the next page for future reference and also to check the complaint status

After registering, if you’re not available online, you can also know the BSNL complaint status by just calling to all India customer care number.

Even after that also, if you are not satisfied with BSNL online complaint services, then approach Appellate Authority (Chennai, Kerala, Karnataka, Maharashtra etc.) through BSNL Public Grievance System and lodge your grievance online.

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169 thoughts on “BSNL Complaint Online for Broadband, FTTH and Landline”

  1. I recharged my phone using G pay worth ₹1999. AMT got transferred to BSNL but my phone did not get recharge. This is pathetic and office staff and customer care person are saying so casually, that you will get your money back within 7 to 10 days. But till then what should I do? How can I make a call?

  2. Really disappointed with BSNL, will switch the day Jio or Airtel enters my locality, fiber breaks down atleast 2 times a month, and today it completely stopped working for me


  4. The fiber really sucks. I have a night shift and it gets disconnected everytime. I regret registering to this network. And whenever I try to file a complaint the agents on the other end are not so helpful as well.

  5. sir ms/tarang broadband network, nalkheda shajapur mp me pichle 15 dino se ftth services band he agar distri aur shajapur distric ka koi bhi adhikari hamari complain par dhiyan nahi deraha he shikayat lekhe jane tak ftth services puri taraha band he

  6. I am really disappointed by fraud and pathetic bsnl fibre operators. It has been 8th day , still the fibre has not been repaired. It really sucks to hold tie with bsnl and it’s fraudster operators(who are completely manic and slow in work like bsnl itself)

  7. Dear Sir,

    I am a FTTH Customer and my phone number is 080-29748835.

    I regret state that I have continued problems with the fibre net connection which breaks down often(5-6 times last 3weeks)It has been impossible for us to continue the connection in current scenario of Work from Home with this intermittent breakdown in connections. I am pained to state that I may have request for disconnecting the internet as it has lead to a state of no return.

    Being a continuous customer and an PSU Employee for past 35years with 4 more BSNL Mobile connections with immense pain I will have to state this.

    Please give us a permanent solution or I will be forced to disconnect the connection by NOT paying the next bill.

    Thank you and STILL HOPING that a solution will be found.

    Yours faithfully
    Anilkumar S V
    Retd. Official SBI

  8. I really angry and upset for unsolve BSNL fraud cable operator and still lock modem Stel Fibre without Firewall ip adress blank settings. BSNL is top worst customer. BSNL Staff Udaipur is very very poor quality working for IT Tech poor.

  9. I surrendered landline 79 26748710 on 15 July 2019. I was informed deposit of Rs 2880 will be remitted in my bank account in 4 months. We have been following up with Vastrapur BSNL Commercial Officer since then but with no result. 40 months is a long time. Please instruct the Officer concerned to release payment urgently. Thank you.

  10. I will pay BSNL new Broadband connection but not connected my home. I really angry and upset for unsolve BSNL operator and fraud cable operator.

  11. Due to unprofessional wiring/cabling by BSNL’s staff, its copper-wire Broadband connection was very erratic, and even my Complaint No.1055101653 dated 28.09.2021 (registered via my Landline Telephone) at 1504 was never redressed.
    Then I applied for conversion to Fibre-cable connection, but due to extremely bad planning by BSNL’s staff I was deprived of connection for more than 5 days, whereas BSNL fraudulently wants to Bill me even for those days when it had failed to provide any Service! Moreso, BSNL’s staff installed FibrSol Router for their said FTTH Connection and took Rs.2600 in Cash from me — despite Whatsapp Chat Message to concerned DE no Cash-Memo has been given to me till date; and even FibrSol has not yet replied to my email Query about the correct Price of its said Router. In addition, within a week of its installation even this Fibre-connection has become non-functional since 04.11.2021 (Evening) — it has not yet been rectified till now, despite Whatsapp Chat Messages sent to BSNL’s concerned SDE.

  12. Service is very poor Staff and technician not working, Complaint not solve, I Register many complaint, in response to which the message of grievance redressal comes, While the phone is still bad in the same condition.

    • Same they want me to pay the bill for the period where no service was provided
      I registered with Central gravience system also under PMO
      But see the Bsnl still they are acting like they are right
      You also complain there multiple times

  13. Respected sir / madam,

    Myself Rajesh KS from Kunnamkulam, Thrissur district of Kerala (Pin : 680503) .

    I had applied for FTTH broadband connection for my existing office contact number 04885211127 on 25th August 2021.

    I had recieved an email regarding my request with my reference ID 127638822562. The mail said that the connection will be ready within 2 days. But now it has been almost 16 days after applying for the FTTH broadband connection.

    I personally made 3 visits to the BSNL office at Kunnamkulam and they had told that my connection will be delivered with 2 days. The answer was the same for all the three visits.

    Last week I recieved a call from Hyderabad and they too told me the connection will be there by 2 days. Till this date I haven’t recieved the FTTH broadband connection from BSNL.

    Is this the way customers are to be treated?
    Why shoul I being a customer face such a humiliation?
    The office officials at BSNL office at Kunnamkulam spoke with me without any courtesy.

    When will my connection be delivered?
    When will my problem get resolved.

    Waiting for earliest reply.

    Rajesh KS

  14. Sir
    When i go to add account to selfcare it shows “no such customer is registered with us”. In easy words it is out of order and when i go to register online complain it’s show the same.
    I have been trying from months but it’s not solved yet!

  15. To : Accounts Officer, Pune Telephones, Bajirao Road, Pune 411030
    Shri / Shrimati – mahoday.

    I was offered FTTH broadband + voice connection 020 29990583 – the agency installed it and therefore I surrendered my previous telephone connection 020 25360130. I had paid annual payment / deposit for the previous connection ( 25360130) and therefore submitted application to the Bhelke nagar telephone exchange for either refund or for transferring it to the new Fibre connection no. 29 990583. The staff attended to my application and forwarded it to Accounts Officer Bajirao Road. I was told that there was no such procedure or system to refund. I request concerned accounts officer to find way out to either refund deposit towards 25360130 or to transfer it to new Fibre account number 29990583. Thanks.

  16. Hello,

    Thank God my Gmail compose email option opened after 35 mins to write this complaint after continuously loading and infinite load cycles.
    You know why it opened after 35 minutes? I realized that I have a Airtel mobile pack as well which I am using now to send a complaint to you against the so called The Great BSNL FTTH Bharat Fibre connection
    Is it because I was trying to connect through LAN cable ? Or is because I am expecting more from a BSNL fibre ?

    The reason I am writing this compaint to these many receipients is because for no reason my continuous 2 complaints over phone call have been resolved by your field staff (?) without even consulting with me what is the problem. Such a rude behavior should be expected from BSNL? If yes, let me know whether I am free to switch to some other ISP and same message should go as a feedback to my organization.

    After positive feedback about fibre from my colleagues I somehow installed the connection but there seems to be something seriously wrong with the way the
    set up is installed at my home. It feels bad when you can’t even get the benefits using the LAN cable. The wi-fi strength is so weak that for frequent teams/zoom/skype call you are a total failure.
    And finally I need to switch to mobile data (even though its speed is 2-3 Mbps but at least it is constant)

    You can understand from the below image even the speed test is not allowed.
    When you are promising 100Mbps then wy the speed is not maintained.
    From experience of about more than two weeks, its 2-5% times I have experienced this speed
    Rest of the time the speed was below average.
    Now tell me why are you not even able to compete with the Mobile internet packs.

    Your upload speed is 0Mbps. Why??
    With 90Mbps speed if you are not able to send mail.. Disgusting!!

    Shall I consider the same response from you as your phone call recipients??

  17. My connection optical fiber (Karnataka circle-08392-294260, Previously it was no connection for hours. Now very low speed (below 1 mb). BSNL more interest to close itself, then simply do it. Then there would be any complaints. Isn’t it Sirs.

  18. BSNL FTTH installed before two month. All the time there is no network. I have reimburse even bill which I have got. No improvement at all inspite of complaints.

  19. Dear Sir,
    I have optical fibre connection (Karnataka). No 08392-294260
    For last 2 days connection is errant. We rang up customer service local. They couldn’t help.
    For last two hours there is no internet. How people work from home if the service of BSNL is so pathetic

    • I can address myself as frustrated customer of BSNL. Very pathetic service and my Data pack speed is more better than this one. My landline number is 08312950579. I can say in a week it works only 5 days properly. Fed up of BSNL.

    • Work from home is not at all possible from BSNL Connection. I am one among them who took their connection for work from home purposes. But then I realized my mobile data pack speed is more better than this pathetic BSNL Speed. Teams and Skype calls automatically disconnects. Its not reliable for work from home purposes or any major tasks which needs high speed internet service.

  20. My landline number::079 26732200 is COMPLETELY DEAD and it seems the BSNL also as nobody is responding to my repeated complaints about my phone being dead for the last about one week.
    I have lodged several complaints. Nothing Is being done.
    Your customer service is in name only.
    Dr. Yogesh Mehta
    F/101 SUMADHUR II, Nr. Vastrapur Tel. Exchange Bldg. Ambawadi AHMEDABAD 380015

  21. Dear Bsnl
    I have your air fiber connection 08643-295807 .This is very pathetic support from your end. Entire your team failed to resolve the issue from a month and your Executives are saying our service is like this only. From 15 days your team is working now your team saying it might take a month alos if you are not willing remove the connection. Is this the way to treat your customers. Is your technical team doesn’t have enough of knowledge to resolve the issue?? How you are changing amount from us? It’s like foolishing people and get the money. Is there any one person in BSNL who knows the technology.

    Pathetic you BSNL

  22. My FTTH complaint number 126065936342 lodged on 8th May 2021 for tel number 080-29520372 Bangalore Circle was closed without even rectifying the problem. Calling the Call center is of no use, neither are they willing to provide a solution nor do they give the coordinates of the higher authorities. There is no escalation mechanism, a very dishonest organization which has become a parasite for the Country. All BSNL agents are cheats and make false promises during installation phase and disappear when there is a problem. BSNL keeps demanding payments for shoddy service, my landline and FTTH is out of order for the last 4 days and BSNL is promoting Work from Home what a joke!! BSNL you should shut down the company and save the country some money which can be utilized for other social causes. You do not deserve to exist as a company!! I hope the BSNL chairman sees this post!!!

  23. I have registered for bsnl fiber connection first the employee who should come to install and setup my fiber didn’t pick the phone then when I reached out to him through TXT message he started giving me attitude and till date they have not arrived to my home shame on you BSNL you guys have the name for keeping some of the worst employees. It’s your luck that jio is currently not available in my area but soon they will come to us and all the parts of India you should start counting days.

    • Even I am facing the same problem bsnl team not able solve problems just staying our network is like this only adjust else remove the connection

  24. In india all private telecom companies are providing 4G and they ready to start 5G, BSNL still not cover 4G shame on your system

    • You are true their services even pathetic I am struggling from a month to get the simple issue fixed.

  25. We have requested for FTTH connection almost year back. still awaiting the response from BSNL.
    Talk to Mr. Kulkarni @ BSNL karveroad office. he has also no answer.

  26. POOR BSNL Services at Jaikwadi MIDC Paithan Exchange , Aurangabad -Maharashtra

    We would like to inform you that Our 10 MBPS Internet Lease Line Services at our Paithan Plant ( Jaikwadi MIDC ) is not running Continuously, Due to Fiber Break of BSNL on regular Basics and BSNL Fiber Ring Facility is also not working from More than 6 Months. ( Actual Information Shared to us by Local BSNL Retired Linemen )
    If BSNL Aurangabad Do not Improve the Services we will close the BSNL Leased Line Services on 31.03.2021 , We are using BSNL Internet Lease Line from 2013 onwards started with 1 MBPS Bandwidth Now 10 MBPS working. Looking forward to your early action in this regard.

    Sunil Gorade

  27. Hi BSNL Team.
    With very much regret, i am writing this.
    now a days you know all are doing classes through online, i spend money from my pocket for 200 meter cable for get connection.
    while the classes will loose Broad band connection 4 or 5 times may some time there is no connection also ( Red Signal).
    Two three times one guy come for service and said no issue, still the Same.
    One of my friend went to inform issue, in the Tele phone office they said they cant do anything ( go and give complaint if you want, this is the attitude).
    Because of this attitude more than 100’s of Connection they lost (same continue).
    We Continue to hold the connection because this is an Govt service. If there is any prompt response i plan to disconnet it.
    Kandasankadavu Division
    Engandiyoor Grama Panchayat

    Thanking you

  28. How to resolve the issue?
    On dialing to mobile no from Land line, the message we hear is `Add Zero before Mobile No.’ and when zero is added and dialed, the message is `This facility doesn’t exists for this telephone no’.

    • STD facility is not activated in your landline number, Please contact your BSNL telephone exchange to activate the STD facility.

  29. FTTH connection no 03642953086, Billing a/c no 8008162000, Rental was 1277 but bill come 1865, Sir please confirm, how bill is 589 Rs excess.

  30. बीएसएनएल का फाइबर कनेक्शन हेतु 22 10 2020 को ऑनलाइन आवेदन किया था लेकिन जगदलपुर के इंजीनियर द्वारा बार-बार कहा गया कि मैं आकर फिर देखूंगा पर फील्ड नहीं देखा गया और बाद में कह दिया गया कि वहां फाइबर नहीं दिया जा सकता है मेरा कंप्लेंट नंबर 2000380297 पुणे से मुझको फोन करके दिया गया था यहां के शर्मा इंजीनियर ने मुझ को की धमकी दी और शिकायत करोगे तो कभी कनेक्शन नहीं मिलेगा बोल रहा था

  31. I raised a complaint in the Selfcare portal after login from my email id, my complaint no. is 1051790421 complaint date 06/10/2020, and after few days I found that after I login in into self care portal, all my details disappeared. no email id is showing, no mobile number is blank, no plan details are showing. please help with this case

  32. Dear BSNL Hyderabad,
    I have ported out my Mobile No.99XXXX2500 ( BSNL Ac No.533765064 more than a year ago. My money Rs.854 is balance with BSNL. Despite my best efforts I did not get refund, I request you to transfer the amount towards my landline No,27XXXX00 ( BSNL Ac No,9036613906), If I do not receive any response from you within the next one week, I will go for disconnection of existing two landlines.

    Rama Dasu Pittala

  33. I, Natesan Ganesh of Yercaud, Karadiyur Post have registered for wifi optic cable services. The services is being handled by locals and without any information, they disconnected it for almost 4 hours between 11.30am to 4.30pm. We are working professionals and have meetings throughout the day. It’s extremely difficult for us due to this reason. This is not the first time this is happening. Also, we make a lot of transactions during the day and the money gets struck between the payment gateways due to this reason. I request you to do the needful. Thank you.

  34. सर जी नमस्कार
    मैं मध्य प्रदेश के बैतूल जिला मुल्ताई तहसील के महतपूर ग्राम से हूं हमारे गांव का भी एस एन एल टावर पिछले छः सात महीने से बंद है कई बार शीकायत करने पर भी ठीक नहीं हुआ कृपया ठीक करवाने की कृपा करे.

  35. I am manager of canara bank, the landline numbers allotted to us are not activated till date. It is pending since June 2020. Since the number is not allotted, i cannot complain in portal also. The BSNL staffs are asking us to contact another BSNL staff for connection and it ends in Zero result. Customer care is very poor.

  36. BSNL service is the worst ever i have witnessed. Neither they are able to resolve with a proper root cause, nor able to attend at the earliest ( earliest means not less than approx 1 month)
    Also complaint numbers are also not able to get connected. It delivers an automatic message as ” THIS LINE DOES NOT EXIST”. Simply billing is done for nonworking days also.

  37. Dear sir, Our concern naam digital network Pudukkottai to get the BSNL ISP franchise In this case, another Internet operator franchise TNTRY_ Joseph, is a non cable operator. who interferes with the development of our cable TV network and contributes to the growth of BSNL ftth. Therefore, I humbly request you to take appropriate action on this and issue an order specifying the areas to be given internet connection in the areas of cable operators. Thankyou
    For Naam digital network Pudukkottai
    Franchise TNTRY_KANNAN

  38. Worst service is provided by BSNL my broadband speed is very slow and i have complaint since 20 days, BSNL operators are saying that we are working on it.

  39. I have Given for FTTH Inter connection on Aug 5th and i have received the phone number for it. When i check in telephone exchange, they said your order is approved. But still they have not done wiring also.
    Kindly Help me on this.
    phone number allocated : 08029521618
    Nelamangala, Bengaluru Rural.

      • Sir,
        My sincere request to all Bangaloreans. Please DO NOT take any services from BSNL, and this is based on my painful experience over the last 1 year with their Fiber broadband connection (FTTH), I have paid initially an amount of Rs 5000 just for set up and the connection is always intermittently disconnecting, BSNL does not have any solution to this problem. Once again please do not go for BSNL, it adds to your frustration during the times of crisis.

    • Dear all don’t ever buy a BSNL broadband connection, that’s fed up service, cable connection probably, BB slow, in a day some 300 times it disconnected, no cc will pick up the phone, they don’t solve issues JtO SDE or engineering staff no answers to any issues, no phone answering manners, They blame Govt, even 100 rs months waste BSNL ball’s, IVRS even if u press correct buttons it will not get registered.

  40. તમારી સર્વિસ બરાબર નથી અમોએ ફાઈબર લેન્ડલાઈન અને બ્રોડગેજ લાઈન લીધેલ છે પરંતુ ખૂબ હેરાન થવાય છે છેલ્લાં ૨૫ દિવસ થી કનેક્શન બંધ છે કોઈ ફરિયાદ સાભળતુ નથી

  41. My land line number is 033 22850100. I have been trying to register a complaint on the portal and can confidently say the following:
    1. It is utterly disgusting trying to register a simple complaint for a BSNL service break down.
    2. After filling in all the mandatory fields including the captcha the response received is “invalid code” or “invalid complaint”
    In any case BSNL is now only kept for an event that other regular service providers like Airtel/Jio/Alliance Boradband/Hathaway has for some reason failed. Even for this purpose BSNL doesn’t work. For this seldom usage we have to continue to pay our monthly rentals probably just so that salaries can be paid by BSNL to the most undeserving and worthless team that it has…. complete parasites who feed on fixed salary and benefits without any commitment or service.

  42. From December 2019 on wards my land line Number 04998 275586 is not working and registered complaints but after 15 days i receive complaint is resolved. I got the annual bill, but not paid because the phone is not working, today i got message complaint number 123145630632 on phone number04998-275586 has been resolved, When i tried to book complaint the system is not accepting the complaint.

  43. અમારે ફાઈબર લેન્ડલાઈન અને બ્રોડબેન્ડ છે જે લાઈન ઘણા સમયથી બંધ છે.

    અમારી કમ્પ્લેઈન છેલ્લાં ૧૫ દિવસથી પડતર છે એને પહેલા કમ્પ્લીટ કરાવો પછી બીલ માટે મેઈલ કરો.

  44. why at the drop of the hat the BSNL Connections Shuts down. My broadband and landline 07324 292163is off road since yesterday. tried calling Landline complaint No 18001801500 as per BSNL portal and it tells me to recheck the No. This is the state of affairs in 21st Century telecom operator.

  45. Dear sir,
    This is to inform that my Landline/ broadband connection is not working since 18th june & I regd a complaint on 22nd.As there was no response even after a week, I went to the SRM exchange & was told that due to shortage of staff all works are outsourced & the contract technician will attend soon. But no one turned even after 3 days.Again when contacting they gave the technician mob no for follow up. After repeated calls, I could get him after 2 days.He said it will take more than 2 weeks to attend the work as there is canal repair work is in progress opp to our apartment. After that he was not responding to my call.The canal work is almost over. Now it is more than a month no action is taken. Most of the inmates in our apartment shifted to other service providers.
    Being a senior citizen I cannot move out of the house due to covid restrictions. Request you to take immediate action .

  46. 3rd class service of bsnl n uneducated staff they have in their office in jammu from last week i requested for a new connection but their excuse JE is nt in office frm last three days he will come den we will process ur order after arguing they came today fix d wifi n wires n see their new excuse monday ko chlega ab aaj nhi… n continuously m trying bsnl customer care no frm lat 2 hrs no response .this is our so called bsnl .. pathetic service n response of staff —- answer of the staff we can do anything jo hoga delhi se hoga waaoo … wat a new make in india where middle class person has alwyz face this kind of issue ..dont go for bsnl guys ?? They only make you fool dats it… highly disappointed frm bsnl … n one question india me koi kaam bina bribe diye hota hai ?

  47. Third class service, Third class staff, I am unable to get a connection here in Agra, I have visited Bsnl office for 2 times and call around 100 times your TIP Mr. Dinesh Sharma but he didn’t respond. Thank God I didn’t get a connection.
    Nishant Saxena


    • કયારે ચાલુ થશે તેનો કોઈ જવાબ નથી આપતુ જલ્દીથી ચાલુ કરવા વિનંતી

  49. complaint no #123195480032 .
    My telephone number is 04651-221242,
    For a last 10 days Neither my land phone nor the broadband works.
    Even after repeated phone calls & also last week 2 times directly went to neyyoor telephone exchange then informed to JE & I have tried all possible ways, like calling customer service centre(nagercoil) on dialing 04652-23400 and 2days later called to public grievance no 04652-23400. We tried most of the option all the persons are saying that will come by tomorrow tomorrow tomorrow but sofar nothing happens but a week before one person came to my home and without any diagnosis with in 5 mins he leaves without rectifying the problem and very next day we informed to bsnl office people that if it continues we will disconnect this BSNL connection and their immediate replay is, it will not affect me may be it will directly affect government so go back if we have time will come and check like that they said.

    now we little bit confused that whether we are the customer of BSNL or BSNL is the customer of as like that we feel . Is this the good sign of treating as its totally horrible.

  50. My telephone number is 04985261916, Neither my land phone nor the broadband works, No one attends my phone, I have tried all possible ways, Complaint register sites don’t respond. Sometimes even complaint registration is impossible, Please take measures to mend my broadband connection and land phone with immediate effect.
    Thank you, Jayarajan PK.

  51. I don’t care whoever you are as your’ll just sitting in your offices and scratch your asses, that’s what I think and it is true because your service sucks and so does this BSNL Tele services, We, the “CUSTOMERS” have to wait and keep calling at your messed up branches to ask when our phones/ internet gonna start working again, even after a complaint is made. And then the men working and in charge there tell me that they are on strike as you or who ever is in charge of BSNL doesn’t pay them and haven’t paid them god knows for how long as your’ll don’t give a damn to what’s happening But, when it comes to pay the tax/bill every month or when ever; that fucking comes on time, without any delays.
    So in the same way, get the job done.Be ashamed of yourselves for doing this and being so careless.

  52. My FTTH connection had gone bad since 20 days back and i had logged a complaint which was resolved after a weeks time without confirming it with me. The lights on modem were showing fine but the internet didn’t work hence i had logged a complaint again which was closed without any response again. When approached the BSNL office the people there said to reach the vendor who had installed the connection as he will fix it sooner than they approaching him (i was like you people take the money and we need to manage with your vendor who doesn’t respond even for multiple followups), with no much hopes i had logged my third complaint and approached the vendor with due patience to hear he was busy with lot of work and told me would connect with me remotely which didnt happen as he said would connect back soon but nothing happened.
    If the vendor doesn’t come back by a day or two, i would have the only option for getting the connections closed and make the BSNL officers realize their unresponsive behavior towards customers and the impact of their negative performance. i can see similar comments from most here which shows that customers are paying for no or bad services which isn’t even getting noticed by the BSNL personnel on their own links.

      • they need salary from our payment but not our complaint to be fulfilled, This kind of action pay way to private-ism. But the private-ism joins hand with BSNL staff and officers an suck more than them.

        All are utter waste, Until this parasite has to change.

    • I have the same problem, If I switch off the modem router it works for some time and then I can’t access the internet, How was it resolved? Is it a problem with the router?

  53. one of the worst services given by BSNL, especially, the customer executives who are very illiterate and don’t even know how to talk with clients, They are just eating free salaries.

  54. i am suffering a lot because of BSNL FTTH connection. it is very slow. very poor service by the staff, and the FTTH router quality also is bad, please see that my problem is solved, I think other telecom operators are better than BSNL if my problem is not solved i would cancel my FTTH subscription.

  55. Telephone/Internet not working Properly,
    Tele Phone : 0490 2366882, I requesting to my Land phone not working and internet also getting, I complained more than 45 days before at kuthuparamba tele phone exchange, I hope solve my issue.

  56. Bsnl self care site dont show any “select reason for complaint “in bar down section and that’s why no any complain registered because its mandatory, what a wise move to safe play by BSNL.

  57. My no 9458702654 its CUG plan, UP WEST Bareilly, In my mobile account upto 3 april 2020 Rs 1172 and on 4 april 2020 it was Rs 972 now today its only Rs 222.80 why this amount dedicated from my account. Kindly refund my deduction. No new facility i requested for activation .

  58. Since last 10 days, FTTH is quite slow between 12 pm – 4 pm, On 20 Mar, the connection was totally down from 11 am to 4.30 pm.

  59. To BSNL.

    From Speedwell Technologies Pvt Ltd, we are based in Metoda Rajkot, we have a corporate connection for fiber line,
    In the last 6 months we have faced 45 days without the internet, the thing is if the firm cant handles the service then why are you providing it?
    No one is picking Calls even what is the meaning of complaint registration. 45 days means how many business losses we have faced who will take responsibilities and no one is even refunding us for those 45 days.
    In our street road 1-F, all firms are diverting towards other networks. we used as a government network and we are getting this service form BSNL firm.

  60. My land line telephone 080-26843056 is dead almost 2 months but still not rectified till date, So many times contacted BSNL personnel but not at all rectified, I am unnecessary paying monthly telephone bill through ECS for telephone dead, Horrible service of BSNL.

    • Though it is not working are they billing it to you? i had faced the same once(2 months of non working connection) and they had billed it, i had to fight a lot for almost 4 months to get a refund of some 12 days only which was of no worth as i had spent double than the compensation on the fight with them.

  61. I have booked a complaint 15 days back but no solution or no communication till date, My complaints are :
    1. All secured sites like Income Tax Login, Bank Sites not opening.
    2. The speed is very low and took much time to download or upload.

    Name Of Service BHARAT FIBER VOICE
    Phone No 07183-295010
    Customer Account No 1025959916
    Billing Account No 1025959917
    Date Of Commission Of Service 30.12.2019
    My plan is Fibro 600GB/Month CUL, I have following complaints :-
    1. All secured sites like Income Tax Login, Bank Sites not opening.
    2. The speed is very low and took much time to download or upload.
    My details are as follows :
    Plan Name Fibro 600GB/Month CUL
    Mobile No 9422130335
    Email Id
    Your Plan details are as follows
    Free Calls 24 HRS UL
    Charges After Free Calls Rs 1 Per Unit
    DA TA
    Fair Usage Policy(FUP) UPTO 50 MBPS TILL 600 GB, UPTO 2 MBPS BEYOND

  63. I am using BSNL BROADBAND and LANDLINE SERVICE. I have very huge problem in that broadband connection. I choose plan 10 MBPS Plan and paid bill for that plan but i am not getting 10 MBPS SPEED. Why ? i get only 3 MBPS SPEED
    I am paying for 10 MBPS and getting 3 MBPS, how great !!!!!
    BSNL cheats to customers ?
    I had complained to our local city BSNL office for this problem. i complained 10 times…….but not get any solution. Why ?
    i think here no any qualified staff to resolve my problem.
    after all i book complain online.
    now my patient is finish.
    please resolve my complain immediately otherwise i quite BSNL

    • There’s a difference between Mbps And MBPS, Mbps stands for Megabit per second whereas MBps stand for Megabytes per second. So, 1Mbps=0.125MBps which means for a connection having 10 Mbps plan you will be getting the max speed of 10×0.125 i.e. 1.25 MB per second. I hope your query is cleared now.

  64. Both my landlines – 02024443007 and 02024443008 have been disconnected since one month even after regular timely payments.
    5 complaints have been made to the customer care and the reply always has been – the complaint has been resolved.
    The line man Mr. Gaikwad never picks up his phone and when i finally got through to him he said he has retired, and
    The BSNL ENGINEER’s (020 24220404) number was provided by the customer care and he says that its a wrong number,

    This is the worst service i have ever experienced in the many years that i have been a BSNL customer, I have 8 account/ phone lines in total with BSNL and this is the service provided by them.

    Very sad.

    The next step will be to cancel all the numbers and shift to a better service provider.

  65. Sir my broadband phone no 291 2972911 has no access to internet, so plz check the line and clear it so that we can enjoy BSNL broadband happily.

  66. I’m in banglore city there is no bsnl 3 g network what r u doing? When I call customer care there is no response I hate bsnl sim so irritating, Bsnl service center what they are doing, In any urgent situation what can i do so useless sim.

  67. Dear Sir, I Recharge in BSNL no. 9428365813, Two time Recharge 395 Rs + 395 Rs and (1st) Recharge is Done. (2nd) Recharge is not Done. Pls. Do the needful.
    2 Option Either You Refund my Money. Either You Recharge Same Amount.

    Details of Recharge. (Mobile no. 9428365813)

    (1st) BSNL Reference No- 2166869122
    Paytm Order no. 9760865734.

    (2nd) BSNL Reference no. 2166877326
    Paytm Order no. 9760852628

    Pls. solve the problem.

  68. Hi,
    My landline number 033 24152378 is not working for the last two months, I cannot understand where to complain, and the online portal is also not taking the complaint.

    • Now you will be given all the bills and as complain is not registered they will not give rebate
      I am suffering I went till Central gravience under PMO office no result
      Best way don’t pay the bill. This company is worth for nothing

  69. My Landline Number (Jamshedpur location ) is very much active and recent bills all paid. However the line is mostly dead after few days of working. The Online Landline Complain portal says Invalid Number, (
    The same happens when I try to log complain through using the toll free number,(1800-345-1500 from other operator mobile or Landline), Please advise.

  70. Hi Team
    I hope everyone is doing well, My name is Chandan Sharma, we had applied for a BSNL Fiber connection before 2 weeks back from Isanpur office, submitted all documents, and it was been told to us by concern person that in 2 days our internet connection will be active.

    Problem- It’s been more than 10 days now, since and there is no update on things, they just put wires, and do nothing, iam personally going daily to Isanpur office but they all time say tomorrow tomorrow, one of them told me that “App kismat wale ho Apka kaam se kaam wiring to ho gaya hai, baki logo ka to 4 month se new connection request hai vo humne nhi kiya abhi tak”

    Was seriously shocked, and given up, but today also i went their and requested them, all start blaming each other and end result is nothing, they had given me some one number, i called them he had given me new dates again.

    This is my first time to use Government services, and i am really very disappointed, i request you kindly do the needful, or please remove the cables from my office, i can go with other private service providers.

    Kindly do the Needful.

    • This should be reached to BSNL CMD and other higher level officers, so please book a complaint at BSNL Corporate Facebook and Twitter Pages and also at Public Grievance Portal at and also to cmd mail address at cmdcomplaints@bsnl.

  71. Why from so many days BSNL mobile signal is totally absent in area sikandarpur bajaha muratganj district Kaushambi, Please correct it as soon as possible I already complaint it on customer care number but same conditions is continuing

  72. My name is rabindra kumar gupta from odisha Cuttack, their is a business of mine named manish telecom a small shop, i am taking a optical fiber connection no is 2954688 always in fault, and now 7 days we are facing trouble plz u take risk and solve the problem always this kind of problem arise, kindly sir solve this problem.

    • Please book a complaint at BSNL public grievance portal and also at facebook/twitter pages of BSNL corporate to reach to higher authorities.

  73. हमारे पेट्रोल पंप पर आपकी कंपनी का ब्रॉडबैंड लगा है और हम वार्षिक बिल जमा कर देते है लेकिन हमारा ९४ रुपए हर महीने आता रहता है जब भी जानकारी लेना चाहते है तो बताया जाता है कि आप का यह पैसा माडम का है जब कि हमने आपके विभाग का माडम हमने ०५/०१/२०१६ को हैदरगढ़ में आपके ऑफिस में प्रेम को प्राप्त करा दिया था परन्तु उसके बाद भी लगातार बिल जमा कर रहे है आपके विभाग कि इस लापरवाही के कारण हम जैसे उपभोक्ता को कनेक्सन को कटवाने के लिए वाथ्य होना पढ़ेगा

  74. I am trying to put a complaint as landline is dead for last 15 days, I am filing everything right like STD code 033 phone no which is valid for last 20 years, Every time it is showing invalid no, This is really poor service, and my land line no is 25435382.

  75. I want to complaint on my landline broadband system, The number is 01972240532, I took this no, One year ago, First two three month service is good but now i m Fred up with this network doesn’t work, and Many times i have complained in Bangalore BSNL office, But nothing happen, Network is very slow and If you can do anything then ok otherwise disconnect it and I will not pay now.

  76. Sir my landline phone no 26220191 became dead and complained in Bsnl 10 days before no action have been taken so far I am trying to contact the complaint cell through 2622100 but no one picking up the phone someone removed the cable from the pillar kindly look into the matter, thanks and Regards.

  77. Dear Sir/Madam,
    Greeting from Agua Technique Private Limited.

    We have BSNL Landline and Broadband connections from last two years and recently changed tariff and name, in December 2018.

    Tariff to “Fibro Combo ULD 777”, Name to Agua Technique Private Limited.

    Customer Details
    Phone Number : 080 29753536
    After all these changes, we are receiving bill in random numbers, Nowhere connected to our plan, Please go through attachment and do the needful.

  78. My broadband connection from telephone exchange Perinjenam, thrissur, kerala is not available for last few days, and no one is attending phone at T.E. pls correct.

    • Please lodge a complaint at public grievance portal and BSNL corporate facebook / twitter pages to reach to higher authorities.

  79. BSNL service is terrible, I had plan for about 2 weeks and every day there is an issue, In that 2 week time I have lost over 3 days of internet via fiber, Sometimes it is down for over 15 hrs, and constantly connecting and disconnecting, I had service before, and they promised me all issues was fixed, But when they just billed me it should have been discounted from all the lost of connecting, It seems nothing has changed I will go back to my other provider when this billing cycle is up, Don’t Get BSNL they don’t care about their customers.

  80. Hello Sir
    This is to inform you that my landline 08028530176 is not working for last 4 months, I have raised complaint more than 25 times by calling the support number, Every time complaint is taken and closed without fixing the issue, Customer support is so poor and they are not willing to help.

    • This is their trick
      As per TRAI if complain is resolved within 3 days you can’t claim rebate
      Other wise how they will generate the revenue with this pathetic and total useless services

  81. Dear sir,
    I have made complained several time about my fiber optic no 05912971148 by phone, through online which has been out of order from last 4 days, but i am very regret that there is not any action regarding my complaint after 4 days, For your kind information I am a exporter and it is very crucial for me when internet connection was not working because my business is totally depend on it.
    so you are requested to look into the matter and take a appropriate action in this regard.
    Iqbal Haseeb.

  82. BSNL Broadband service is very good, good connectivity and speed but fault attending time is too much once phone dead it takes too much time to attend fault so please improve it.

  83. My telephone’s outgoing facility stopped, I filed a complain about 20 days ago, Someone from telephone office called back saying they didn’t have enough employees at office, so I have to carry the faulty telephone to BSNL office for further consideration, I went there office on the same day and they examined my telephone and replaced it, but when I plugged it in my home BSNL connection, I verified that the problem still exist, I called them back but they are not replying, I am regularly paying telephone bills, Your customer service is pathetic, When can I expect some service from your end, Is there any solution for my faulty telephone?

    • Please escalate this problem to higher authorities at this portal

  84. Dear sir, Greetings, Here my problem is not receive network for my dongle, In April i changed my sim 3G to 4G after that not receive tower in my dongle, So kindly rectify my problem as soon as possible.
    Thank you.
    With regards.
    Rachel Prem

    • At first, please check your mobile number validity and data balance/validity and then check network settings mode in dongle settings by connecting to desktop or laptop, then your problem may be solved.

    Dear Esteemed Customer,
    You have exhausted your daily usage limit as per your existing plan) and here after will be able to browse internet at reduced speed for the day, Being a Premium Broadband Customer of BSNL a free Top Up for today is being offered to enable you to continue to browse internet at higher speed, Please click on “Agree” to avail this free service, /Agree/
    Madam / Dear Sir,
    I do invite the kind attention of Calcutta BSNL, to edit the format stated above with the opposite choice “Decline” in addition to “Agree” option, Some customers may not interested with the offer, they want to continue with the lower or reduced speed, but in absence of that option they have to click on “Agree” under compulsion, I strongly object BSNL against such unlawful command, I do hope you would take care of this.
    With kind regards

    • Both Agree and Decline options are available in FUP redirection page, but due to some mobile screen sizes, the option Decline is not showing, so please connect any desktop / laptop at that time when redirected for FUP page, If once you click on decline, it’s not appear again for that month.

  86. I made a online complaint about my connection being disconnected on 7th june 2019 but no action was taken, When i called again on the customer care number, i was informed that my complaint of 7th june was still on process and i can’t register any further complaint. On 12th june when my complaint was still not resolved, then i asked them for the contact number of BSNL telephone exchange Nainital and contacted them.
    After calling 10 to 20 times in the given contact number 05942 235646 my call was picked and i registered my complaint directly to the operator, Same day linesman came and looked after the situation and informed that the DSL has a breakdown underground, when asked he told that it could take 2 to 3 days to resolved.
    On 4th day 15th june my father went to BSNL exchange office and complained again regarding the disconnection of our services, Today on 17th i have again called many executives of BSNL just regarding the problem i am facing since 7th june i.e. 10days.
    I also had an oncall conversation with J.E. Mobile no. 9411589588, and he clearly stated that they have vip customers to deal with and don’t have enough staff, This indeed is the worst customer service experience i am facing, BSNL operators even the supervisor J.E did not had any respect for the customer and the problem what i am facing since 10days.

    BSNL was a trusted brand and now it has turned out to be the most unserviceable and unreliable brand, The customer services and satisfaction is 0%.

    • You may surely escalate this problem to higher authorities
      Post this complaint at BSNL CMD and Corporate Fcebook/Twitter accounts and also at Public Grievance portal at

  87. R/s,
    Please note that I was using one prepaid 3G BSNL sim no 8991579121911108405 ( Prepaid No- 9427310755) since from 3-4 year which presently not connecting with HUAWEI Donzal-2SE4 from 25 days & reflecting 2G connectivity.
    I am made recharge for
    INR 37Rs-SIM validity
    INR 100+ 100Rs-SIM talk time
    INR 1479Rs-SIM internet using 91GB
    Within 3-4 days
    Pl. look in the matter & as after recalling on help line no ultimate solution arising.
    Pl. fill free to contact me for any doubt & thank you in mean while .
    Quarter No -E26/102
    UlttraTech Cement Ltd.,
    Vayor ,Abadasa,Kutch,Gujarat-370511
    Mobile No -9099428543/7069091225

  88. Dear Sir,
    I went to your customer care centre in Bhubaneswar for making enquiries about getting a broadband connection in my apartment in Gajapati Nagar( 751013) and I was advised to visit the SDO IX of Bhubaneswar, When I requested him for a connection, I was surprised by his response, and he said there is no fibre optics connection to my apartment

    If I arrange for 4 to 5 connections in the apartment they may be able to give the connection, I am a customer and not a marketing agent of BSNL, and I am sure many people would be interested in the fibre optics connection if a beginning is made by BSNL by drawing the cable

    But they seem to be not keen on grabbing the business opportunity, Mind you my apartment is in the heart of Bhubaneswar, and I am really disappointed and forced to go to a private service provider, Why BSNL can not change?


    • Please book a complaint at BSNL CMD/Corporate FB/Twitter account to reach to higher authorities.

  90. My land line having number 0484 2440178 is completely dead for the last 3 weeks and complaint is not rectified till this time. Please do the needful

    • You may escalate long pending complaint at BSNL CMD/Corporate FB/Twitter account to reach to higher authorities.

  91. Dear BSNL officers,
    I have been complaining since 16 days, but till now no response towards my complain, The customer service is so poor, or else give back the money that I have recharged, I will switch it to Jio if you can’t fix my issues

  92. BSNL is the worst service provider company in India, Today i lost my phone and from Morning till Evening i tried to log a complaint in BSNL Customer Care, But unfortunately the voice messenger repeatedly said, “Network Connection error” and then i try to call in Landline no so that they can help me but the executives, who are working in BSNL Customer Care is completely illiterate and worst they even don’t know how to speak with the customer, Pathetic Service.

  93. My land line no. 9251 2610098 is out of service for last 2 months, In spite of repeated complaints, it is not repaired till now, Then why to pay phone bill, Better, my phone may be disconnected and security deposit may be returned to me, Very poor service, rather condemnable service is provided by BSNL.

  94. In the complaints registration portal, the fields for STD CODE and PHONE NUMBER doesn’t accept anything, Hence nobody can raise complaints, This error is to be corrected.

    • Even if you complain. BSNL staff will call you and will close the complain even their is technical problem in their main service.
      As per TRAI if complain resolved within 3 days no rebate. All are acting smart
      I am suffering out of 5 months only one and half month service they charged me 1900 rs
      Very unprofessional company

  95. After one year and more still awaiting to refund my security deposit after adjustment the last bill which I have paid during disconnecting the phone number 01762234104, Please look into the matter and resolve the issue.
    With regards

    • All the refunds will be paid in maximum of 6 months, please check once your bank account and even if not received, approach Accounts Officer Refunds of your SSA for the reason (problem if any) about delay.

  96. I had surrendered my landline/broadband connection (04424716639) at the end December 2018, In spite of repeated reminders, I am yet to receive refund of my deposit, after adjusting, whatever was due form me.

    • Dear BSNL officers,
      I have been complaining since 16 days, but till now no response towards my complain, The customer service is so poor, or else give back the money that I have recharged.
      my mobile no.9431393537, SUJIT KUMAR from BOKARO STEEL CITY, BOKARO District.
      now I live at bokaro steel city(jharkhand), very poor networking signals,
      pls help me urgent Network and mobile calls not connecting to the mobile, what is the problem.

      • @Sunit, you are requested to lodge the long pending complaints at BSNL CMD/Corporate Facebook/Twitter accounts to reach to higher authorities and for immediate resolution.

  97. Dear Vinod ji, I would like to inform you that finally I have succeeded to disconnect my wifi connection after a very troublesome n pathetic more than a year long experience with BSNL
    I’m grateful for charging me without delay every month for the worst experience of my life with BSNL
    It’s just because of lack of time and convenience one is not able to take proper action against a fraudulent company like you. The wifi connection works hardly 15 day’s a month and rest of the days its LOS..LOS.. LOS..
    Very sorry to state I can imagine the incompetent status and calibre of the higher officials whom I have been calling routinely for more than a year but in vain
    I would suggest to shut down the organization instead of fooling the general public, It is because of this casual and highly unprofessional approach an organization like bsnl is struggling
    Definitely better late than never and this experience share by most of the residents of my society,
    Kindly do the needful regarding the equipment and refund amount.
    Thanking you for your excellent services.
    Dr.Samrat joshi
    Mangalams The Grand Residency, kanak vrindavan township, sirsi road, vaishali nagar, jaipur.

  98. LL 0836 2270809 not working, Broadband fully out of order, Complaint Lodged but no action.

    • Please book a complaint at BSNL CMD and Corporate FB and Twitter pages to reach to high authorities.

  99. Respected bsnl officers
    my mobile no.8985137229, Ramu Gutam from Rayachoty YSR Kadapa District.
    now i am staying at Chittoor AP, very poor networking signals,
    pls help me urgent
    Network and mobile calls not connecting to the mobile, what is the problem
    thanking you sir

  100. please consider my complaint, other network giving 199 per month unlimited calls per day 1GB internet for 28 DAYS, but our Indian network BSNL GIVING BAD signal lot of time no signal, bad customer service for 28 days, even i can’t send the mail from BSNL, Because no internet access, so i connect Vodafone mobile hotspot.

  101. I am unable to place complaint on the fiber optic network, It is not working since the last 2 days and no one responding on the mobile numbers I was asked to contact, Is there no call centre or 24×7 complaint cell for fiber optic?

    • Lodge a complaint at BSNL Corporate and BSNL CMD facebook pages to resolve on priority basis, and also dial 198 from BSNL mobile or landline to file a complaint against fibe services.

  102. You simply neglect the rural areas. Just note my comment here. I am paying your charges annually in advance. I have lodged a complaint for your irregular BB service for my landline no.0820-2559636 on 198. The complaint has been closed without attending. This is one main reason for your downfall… Sorry to say…

  103. Dear Sir/Madam,
    This is to inform you that Our Coral Ennar Apartments, Ganapathy, Coimbatore having allowed BSNL FTTH Plans to facilitated among our premises thru marketing campaign, I have asked your marketing person Mr Rajesh to collect the proofs but seems he’s denying as well as he’s not following etiquette with customers interns of how to deal, very proud with me while he convey the message, If this is the way has to be handled the customer’s would like take up an appropriate actions asap, Marketing Person Name: Rajesh, Mobile No: 9176996332, 9597868030.

  104. I am Parveen Dhiman and i have a plot and a BSNL old pole is coming in front of my plot main gate, and I want to remove or relocate that pole from there, Please reply me on the same asap, I shall be very thankful to you.

    • Approach concerned are Sub Divisional Engineer or Divisional Engineer of BSNL and inform about your problem, they will surely help you, as per the existing guidelines in relocating the telephone pole if required or for removal.

  105. Due to cable fault my land phone 2533208 was not not working for the last 4 months, but BSNL bill sent to me and I paid all, then I send a complaint to refund the bill amount to BSNL exchange villiappalli but no reply. Please take early action to refund the amount.

  106. I am an old lady of 86 years and suffering with lot of diseases and fully dependent on my next door neighbors. For last few days my Land Line (25481319) is not working mainly there is NO OUTGOING CALL from my land line. In this connection please note that I am not using any Mobile at this age and I regularly require follow up with my Doctors and relatives over phone for my safety. I am unable to lodge the complaint through internet due to some problem and also failed to book any complaint through “198”.

    I WOULD THEREFORE REQUEST YOU TO KINDLY CONSIDER MY ABOVE REQUEST CONSIDERING MY AGE AS 86 YEARS AND TRY TO SET RIGHT MY LAND LINE TELEPHONE (25481319) so that I would be very much grateful to you. BSNL can help me to save from this hard situation.


      • Please dial 198 from any BSNL Landline or Mobile and book your first complaint to attend for local staff.

        • Dear Sir
          This is to inform you that my 2 telephone numbers 04562-268916, 04562-248916 was in use at my address 30,Ramanchandran street, Virudhunagar – 626001, I have now shifted my office to new address 6/1049, Kamarajapuram, MGR Colony road, Virudhunagar-626001, Which falls under another area
          According, I have to get my telephone shifted their immediately, I have given formal letter 15 days back in BSNL office but no action was taken from your staff Mr Pandian till now, He is expecting some amount from me unofficially to do the work, Otherwise he is insisting me to disconnect both landline connections
          Please take immediate action against this issue, This is not the correct way to inform, Since the telephone connection at my new office is urgently required by me, I would request you to do the needful immediately, My mobile number is 9443148917.

          • You may first escalate this to BSNL higher authorities through this link

  107. बिना सब्सक्राइब किए ही मेन बैलेंस से धन काट लेना,लगातार महत्वहीन संदेश भेजा जाना


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