BSNL Cashback Offer on Landline, Broadband, FTTH and BBoWiFi

At present BSNL cashback offer is not available and not applicable for any customer.

Time to check BSNL New Cashback offer available now with free Amazon Prime subscription, and the applicability for the customers of Landline, Broadband, FTTH (Bharat Fiber) and BBoWiFi services as a special offer available for a limited period of time as a new deal.

Now a days nothing is free, the offers are also like coupons which invariably, we have to spend more money to avail the benefit of the coupon, but from our BSNL we are getting direct benefit which will be adjusted in the BSNL bill itself.

Due to overwhelming response for BSNL cashback scheme which was launched in early of 2019, and extended upto 31st October 2019, but now it striked again as a New Cashback Offer with free Amazon Prime Free membership as a bundled pack, applicable for all its game changing broadband plans, landline and other services.

BSNL Cashback Scheme 2019

BSNL Cashback Offer Details

Category of PlanFixed Monthly Charges (FMC) (in Rs.)Cash back offer under Annual Payment (12*FMC)Free Bundled Amazon Prime Pack Facility under Annual Payment
Broadband Plans (DSL/Bharat Fiber/BBoWiFi)FMC less than 39915%Not Applicable
399 to 49915%Yes
499 to 90020%Yes
900 and above25%Yes
Landline Plans (not having Broadband)Any FMC15%Not Applicable


When the cashback given to customer?

This cashback amount will be adjusted in the next coming (future) BSNL bill, and it is utilizable against any type of payment customer does in future to BSNL for that number like add on pack, plan upgrade and other.

If migrates to other plan, will the cashback offer to be given again?

n case, customer is going for plan change of this service, second cashback will not happen to this service within the period of one year of taking annual subscription, where the differential amount shall be charged for the service upgrade.

How to Activate Amazon Prime pack allotted with BSNL New Cashback Offer?

The existing process will continue for activation of Amazon Prime Free Membership without login to portal.

What was the old Cashback Scheme of BSNL?

25% BSNL cashback / credit offer will be given to customers opting for annual plan and 15% cashback / credit will be given to the customers opting for half yearly plan, available upto 30th June 2019, and the customers will continue under this scheme upto their subscription closure/renewal.

The newly introduced BSNL cashback offer 2019 will be available on PAN India basis in all BSNL circles upto 31st October 2019, So, it’s time for new or old BSNL customers to subscribe for advance payment with any Landline plans, Broadband plans, or any Fiber to home internet plans of ISP to avail BSNL cashback offer along with bundled free Amazon Prime membership as a special deal.

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18 thoughts on “BSNL Cashback Offer on Landline, Broadband, FTTH and BBoWiFi”

  1. Can I extend my recharge now which is upto May 2021 with your yearly offer plan by paying now for mobile prepaid plan, Is there any special offer for Doctors , Hospital staff, Is there any combo plan with mobile and Bharat Fiber / Broadband connection ?

  2. I want to know bsnl broad band plan please contact +9417576346 am tried to contact dugri exchange number 0161-2522500, 01612520700 but no body attend my call.

  3. Act No 1025708547 Invoice No WDCGJ1910403090 Invoice date 04/07/2020 period 01/06/202 to 30/06/2020 phone no 0261-2761303, When online going to payment shows wrong accts No. not understood, My e-mail id is Give correct details for payment. bill received e-mail.

    Sudarsan Ajit Pradhan sr. citizen
    9427834925 06/07/2020

  4. I want to recharge my mobile for 1999.00 valid for 425 days, kindly let me know whether the same is available today.

  5. DEAR SIR,


  6. BSNL please let me know what is the amount to be paid for your annual, two and three years plan 399 and plan 499 in simple words, Your lengthy explanation of cash back further complicates to understand the issue, I just want at present what to be paid for the given plan 399 and 499.

  7. I have applied online for an FTTH connection, After some days, a response came from a Junior Engineer at Kannur, He told me that there is no fiber line in my area and hence I am to rely upon the local Cable Operator for connection, He also informed me that the BSNL is not providing the modem and even if I manage to get one from BSNL, I will have to pay monthly rent.
    When I insisted on an outright purchase of the modem provided by the BSNL, his response was that BSNL has dropped that scheme. [The truth regarding the optic fiber cable is otherwise, Optic fiber cable has been laid underground in my road and it is available under the post from where my current telephone and the broadband connection is made available], Immediately after his call, the local cable operator ringed me to inform me of the price of the modem provided by them.
    I told him that I WILL get the ONU/ONT Modem-cum router from other sources, came the reply, then installation charges will be levied @ Rs.2000/- and I have replied that in such a situation, I will avail of the connection only when the BSNL directly provide me a connection.
    Two or three days later, the BSNL’s JE again called me to inform that my wait will be in vain and advised me to opt for the Local Cable Operator’s connection, He did not forget to inform me that even if I do not take an FTTH connection, his salaries and perks will not be affected in any way, This is how BSNL is going to thrive upon!

  8. I am unable to make conversation with my friends within or outside Kerala Circle due to bad signals. No range, no internet. Therefore even if BSNL will introduce 10G, no use for us. New tower is essential in my area us Koottery, Panoor


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