BSNL Cheapest Broadband Plans Offer Launched

Low cost (Cheapest) broadband plans of BSNL from Rs 299 with 10Mbps download speed on DSL and 449 with 30Mbps on Bharat Fiber network by allowing unlimited internet & calling hits into market to serve the best broadband at cheapest price for Rural and Urban area netizens and also for metros like Hyderabad, Chennai, Bangalore, Pune, Kolkata, Kanpur etc..

With this new broadband plans, netizens can have a chance to enjoy low cost internet connection from best internet service provider with latest additional BSNL broadband services at free of cost with BSNL free landline telephone having unlimited free calls to any network.

If you are already a customer of other BSNL high value plans, now can migrate to 299 plan using BSNL self service portal or by submitting a written request to concerned customer service center for activation of any below best internet plans never available in the history of BSNL for unlimited voice and internet services.

These lowest priced best broadband plans available in all the BSNL circles, In this offer, Plan 299 is a regular plan and available at any time under DSL and 449 under FTTH network as a regular measure. Have a look at the unlimited internet plans tariff and choose the best tariff.

Low Cost BSNL Broadband Plans

Broadband Plan Technology Monthly Rent Download Speed (As per feasibility) Upto
100GB Plan (Only for New Customer)DSL Rs 299 10 Mbps till 100GB/month, then 2Mbps
200GB Plan DSL Rs 399 10 Mbps till 200GB/month, then 2Mbps
500GB Plan DSL / FTTH Rs. 55510Mbps till 500GB/month, then 2Mbps
Fiber BasicBSNL FiberRs. 44930 Mbps till 3300 GB per month, then 2Mbps
BSNL Fiber Basic PlusBharat Fiber Rs. 599 60Mbps till 3300GB, then 2Mbps
BSNL Cheapest Broadband Plans Tariff

You can also check the specific low cost and high speed internet broadband plans of BSNL available in various circles over DSL and Fiber to the Home services apart from the above plans

ISP offers the above promotional offer cheapest broadband plans are available on PAN India basis, so Apply BSNL broadband new connection in online (DSL or Bharat Fiber) and get your internet services at your doorstep.

  1. Whether the existing customers can migrate the cheapest promotional broadband plans of BSNL?

    The low cost plans shall be available for new Broadband (DSL / FTTH) customers and however, any existing BSNL landline (i.e. not having Broadband) customers can opt any of the rental plan.

  2. Will these plans available on Bharat Fiber Network?

    The cheapest and best BSNL Fiber plans shall be available on BSNL Fiber to Home network.

  3. Will the subscribed customers will automatically be migrated?

    Yes, after six months, the existing low cost customers under above promotional plans shall be migrated to regular Broadband plans and a Customer’s consent in this regard shall be taken at the time of CAF filling.

  4. Can we have a choice to opt the required plan for migration?

    At the time of CAF filling, the choice of the existing regular Circle Specific/PAN India DSL/FTTH BB plan from the customer who opted above plan/s shall be taken for migration, and even after the migration also, customer may submit the plan change.

  5. If a disconnected broadband customer may allot the same landline number if subscribes to BSNL cheapest promotional plans?

    To curb the tendency of existing Broadband customers to disconnect existing BB connection & take new BB connection through this low value BB plans route, same landline indicator shall not be allotted to such customers.