4 Best USB WiFi Adapters to enable WiFi without Router


Presenting the latest and best USB WiFi adapter for desktop providing wireless internet connection using desktop internet to connect all wireless gadgets with excellent coverage using WiFi without any router to enjoy gaming, shopping and many more at home or office …

We all use WiFi in our every day life but it becomes harder when you cannot reach the maximum strength of your WiFi connection onto your device such laptop or remote station, and it sometimes happens that even with the best of bandwidth of ISP you might receive the worst of speed when it comes to Internet browsing and it really is a bummer for people like you.

And that is why we are discussing about WiFi adaptors which are extensive hardware tools that might seem like a normal USB pendrive but can help you bring the most of connectivity from your Internet connection right away.

One of the major uses of WiFi adaptor is to connect to any of your WiFi connections without any cable management to be done, Yes, it gets you a faster connection and also a wireless connection when you just have to plug the dongle into your laptop or workstation at hand.

4 Best USB WiFi Adapters
4 Best USB WiFi Adapters

4 Best USB WiFi Adaptors

In this article we will be going over the review of prominent WiFi adaptor tools that have been raving the market with exceptional reviews to be frank and you might want to buy one of these rights away as well.

WiFi USB Adapter ModelInternet Speed UptoPrice in Rs
TP-Link TL-WN823N300 Mbps570
Terabyte W777MI 500Mbps500 Mbps220
TP-Link Archer T4U AC13001300 Mbps2000
Netgear AC1200 A6210-100PES1200 Mbps2400

1. TP-Link TL-WN823N

When it comes to USB based WiFi adaptors right, TP-Link is the brand that you should be talking about and that is why we’ve got the prominent model with the name TP-Link TL-WN823N here as our first review, and It is a one of the best sleek USB WiFi adapter with Mini wireless-N USB feature that makes it so easy to handle even more cougar than a normal one.

It comes with brand warranty of one year which is another executional feature while you can cut down reasons not to use cables and no need for maintain internal hardware as well.


  • Speed: 300Mbps is the normal speed that it provides through which you can rake in great quality streaming, video and robust online experience without any buffering
  • Mini USB: Smaller than a normal USB makes it very easy to handle
  • Wireless and Performance Based: This device is USB connected and gets you a wireless WiFi connection right away which is secure and brings you’re the best performance speed in download, upload and streaming.
  • Price: The best part of all is that this cost your less than ₹570 in the market

2. Terabyte W777MI 500Mbps

I’ve been using Terabyte devices for some time and it really it exhilarating to see one of the best WiFi adapter from them that gives around 500Mbps speed that is enormous while being extensively very reasonable in terms of cost, where the device we are talking about is called Terabyte W777mi Model that is a mini USB adaptor that has a speed of 500 MBps which is more than enough for most of the users.


  • Speed: As I already told you it comes with a whopping amazing 500Mbps speed with a single band to exceptionally spread the bandwidth out.
  • Performance: It is a high-speed device that brings you the most you would expect from a wireless connection. Even though it is a single antenna based with single gain, the speed is well spread out to maximise the bandwidth usage.
  • Design: It is compact design based where it is fully built on Mini USB features making it very flexible to connect and carry at the same time.
  • Price: It is one of the most reasonable ones in the market and comes with a price of ₹220.

3. TP-Link Archer T4U AC1300

Sometimes it just feels right to have something like this on your work station even though it costs a little high than the normal ones, We are talking about the superior TP-Link Archer T4U with AC1300 model that comes in a sleek and compact design that no other brand can ever match.

Well it’s just not all about the design but it comes with Ultrafast speed of 1300Mbps with dual band connections that can help you tune in for streaming high quality videos in no time.


  • Speed: Ultrafast 1300Mbps dual-band connections to load videos and stream faster than your average connection. It is dual band based so you will receive the speed 1300 Mbps in two bands which will help you increase the efficiency of bandwidth use.
  • Compact Design: IT comes with a mini design that is both sleek and easy to carry
  • Performance: It comes with USB 3.0 which gives you a 10x more performance than the average USB 2.0 port, so that’s something you should be looking out for
  • Price: TP-Link Archer gives you a three-fold speed with dual band which brings its cost to nearly ₹2,000, and It might seem a little costly when compared to other products but it worth the cost when you start using it for real.

4. Netgear AC1200 A6210-100PES

Netgear is a superior brand when it comes to WiFi and Internet based product so how could we leave a USB WiFi Adaptor from Netgear alone, To our satisfaction, we found that Netgear AC1200 A6210-100PES, the best rocking USB WiFI adapter in the market with dual band performance along with high gain that makes it very adaptive to the speed.


  • Speed: We can see that it gives a dual band speed of 1200Mbps combined which is still impressive and can be used for even hardcore streaming or online surfing
  • Performance: It performs really well because it comes with USB 3.0 which is usually a tenfold great performance giver than the normal ones. At the same time, it comes with High gain antennas which increases the performance to a whole new extent for customers.
  • Design: The design of the model is quite simple and it comes with a desktop dock to help your place it easily while helping the connectivity at the same time.
  • Price: Along with performance, speed of 1200Mbps it comes with a docking stand that brings the valued price of this model to ₹2,400.

So, you’ve learnt a great deal about the best USB WiFi adapter available in the market right now and surprisingly the above-mentioned adapters are available in the market, which entitles you to get one of these for yourself at home or work to make your browsing experience via Internet a thrill to be sleeked.

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