Best Ad Blocker for Browser on Desktop, Android, iOS

List of different Ad blocker options is presented, Check best Ad blocker extension for chrome or other browser, Install the blocker in your desktop or mobile browser to avoid the display of ads…

Do you watch TV Shows or stream on the Web, Well or else do you also go on the web to browser content and read stuff over time, but you are always stuck with some ads popping on the sites and web pages you visit which makes your browsing experience that bad and you would never want to visit the website again.

But not anymore, you do not have to worry about visiting a new site and getting popped up with all kinds of ads on the web page from banner ads to sticky ads that will bring your browsing experience to notches down.

In this guide we will go over a few of the best Ad Blockers that you would love to use because these will help you remove ads and make your amazing browsing experience through mobile data or broadband at any time.

Below we have discussed the different ad blockers that would work like charm and you should be using right away because browsing is something you want to enjoy or make the full use of but with ads the option of freedom goes away.

Ad Blocker for Browser
Ad Blocker for Browser

Best Ad Blocker

  1. Adblock Plus
  2. AdBlock
  3. Poper Blocker
  4. AdGuard
  5. AdAway – Android
  6. 1Blocker X – iOS

So these were our suggestions and list that we expect are one of the best ad blockers that you should be using right not to make your experience better with browsing the web, streaming videos and more.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I use Ad Blocker?

  • Well in order to remove advertisements which are commonly called as Ads are shown up on your screen when you visit websites, apps and games which can be quite irritating at times. You can use these Ad blockers to remove ads and ensure that your browsing, streaming, app viewing and gaming experience stays top notch all the time.

Do Ad Blockers add viruses to your PC, Device or system?

  • No, most of the popular ad blockers which we have mentioned are not going to do that but there are lots of different ad blockers in the market which are not well known for just blocking the ads but also spreading virus, so, you have to ensure you use our list of best ad blockers so that you can safely be free from viruses and also block ads easily.

Can I remove the Ad Blocker extension from the browser?

  • Yes, while the installing or adding part of the ad blockers to your browser as an addon or extension is easy and at the same time removing them is the same easy, and you will simply have to go to the extensions or addons section of your browser, select the ad blocker and then click remove or uninstall button to remove the ad blocker from your browser.

Do I have to only go with the Paid version of Ad Blockers?

  • Though we have discussed one or two paid ad blockers in this guide, you do not always have to go with the paid versions, and it is so because even the free version of Adblock Plus or Ad Blocker work great in order to remove ads, but at the same time if you want a service which is more reliable then you can always switch to a paid version of any of the listed ad blockers that will give you more benefits as well which are not always required but could be great to use.