How to Add Custom WordPress Login Form with Own Branding

Are you trying to rebrand your website and want to start from the team branding itself? Well, then it’s a right choice to add custom wordpress login form with your own branding and logos. Moreover, if you are running a forum or B2C or B2B website with customer access and login pages enabled, then you can custom build those login pages with offers, notifications and updates as well.

But does that feel hard for you or have you never done it before? Then don’t worry because through this article we will show you how to add custom wordpress login form easily.

How to Add Custom WordPress Form Login in WordPress

Now let’s get started and  follow below steps to build your own custom wordpress form logins.

Method 1: Using WPForms to Create Custom WordPress Login Page

Before starting you need to install and then activate the WPForms plugin in your WordPress account.

Part 1: Installing and Enabling the Plugin

  • Open your WordPress admin account and from left sidebar hover over WPForms Plugin
  • Click on Addons and then under this find out the User Registration Addon and click on it
  • Then click on Install Addon button to enable this Addon

Part 2: Create New Form for Login Using WPForms Plugin

  • Go to WPForms plugin and hover over it, then click on Add New button
  • Then under setup name the form and select the User Login Form template
  • Now you can customize the form as per your preference and then click on save to save your login form

Part 3: Activating WPForms Plugin New Form on Login Page URL

  • Under WPForms plugin click on settings and then click on Confirmations
  • Select the Go to URL (Redirect) as Confirmation Type and your website URL as Confirmation Redirect URL as per your login page under the Default Confirmation

Part 4: Embed and Make Live Custom Login Page on Login Page URL

  • In WPForms plugin, on the new login form created click on Embed button
  • Next click on Create New Page button, give it a name and URL
  • Then Publish the page to make it live

There are other plugins as well but the process is the same for all and mostly creating a HTML based page takes time so using Plugins is a lot easier as well.

How Do I Create A Custom Login Page?

There are plugins which can help you create your own custom login page in WordPress such as WPForms and more.

How Do I Add A Login Panel In WordPress?

Under WPForms plugin you have options to add multiple login options as per your preference to build the login panel in WordPress as per your preference.

How Do I Create A Custom Login And Registration Page In WordPress Without Plugins?

In order to build without plugins you will need to use HTML and Javascript to build your own custom WordPress login page.

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