Add Calendar in Outlook Email / 365 / 2016 / 2019

Different Outlook versions like Email, 365, 2016 and 2019 allows to add calendar in Outlook, do check the different variants and activate your required calendar…

Calendar is an important thing that needs to be checked always if you are working or not, and as checking multiple mails can be done anytime, but you can miss your calendar meeting or setting done, and thus it is always advised to always have a view on the calendar always, such that you don’t miss any important point.

Outlook does give you an option to add calendar from Gmail, Yahoo, Link and other popular email sites, and this makes a user flexible, as the chance to miss any meeting or set item in the calendar will not be missed as they will be always available on screen in Out look.

Users can manage any number of Calendars here, as there are options available to add multiple links in the new technology innovation.

Add Calendar in Outlook
Add Calendar in Outlook

How to Add Calendar in Outlook 365

The option to add the calendar to Outlook 365 is quite different and might be easier as well. If you want to create new, then just have a look at the steps below to get it added to your Outlook 365.

  1. Visit Outlook website page or mobile application which best suits you
  2. Sign in with login credentials and let the Outlook 365 doe get loaded
  3. Scroll down bottom, Click on Calendar Icon and then let it open
  4. Click on Add Calendar > select From Internet
  5. In the calendar box, past or type the link of your web calendar to be added
  6. Enter Calender Name
  7. Tap Save button and let your Out look Calendar get the new calendar added
  8. That’s it, the calendar of any browser you were to add has been successfully added and thus you can always view it directly from Outlook windows, and the calendar will be saved in the form which you saved during adding it to Outlook 365.

How to Add Calendar in Outlook 2016

The process might be quite similar but there is a slight difference in adding a calendar to Out look 2016. Just have a quick look at below given option. Get your new calendar added to Out look 2016.

  1. Open Outlook 2016 in Windows and sign in with your credentials
  2. Now click on Calendar View from top option to open Calendar Windows
  3. Select the type of calendar you want to add to Outlook form options
  4. Click on Add Calendar with theme or search it directly from Global address list
  5. Once the theme added, click on save button to get save
  6. That’s it, New Calendar to your Out look 2016 added with your selected themes. The same may visible once you visit your Outlook page and that may use for your different notification purpose.

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Does the Outlook 2019 calendar option remain the same as Outlook 2016?

No, the Outlook 2019 is the latest one with updated themes and visibility features, and the option for adding a calendar from the internet list or global theme are the same but Outlook 2019 does support multiple new themes which might be hard to adjust in the Outlook 2016 interface.

Does adding a calendar to Outlook change any already present Calendar?

Outlook designed to have multiple accounts linked in one screen. This will not affect anything if you get multiple calendar which adds to your Outlook. Every calendar you add may visible inside view or grid view as per your Out look theme, making it easier for you to view and manage the multiple accounts.

Do we need an important external calendar always to Outlook?

No, the options provided with a direct internet link which does update your Out look Calendar with respective changes made at the original mail tool. There is no need for manual InterVision. The process to sync the calendar is online and they just need some good internet to get calendar content to update in a timely manner.

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